Alfonso Faustino: San Francisco Police Department: Auxiliary Law Enforcement Response Team

After extensive background checks, references, and training, I am finally part of the San Francsico Department team and brotherhood.

This is one of my most proudest accomplishments; because, I support the San Francisco Police Department and all law enforcers — regardless of the media negative spins on LEOs (Law Enforcement Officers), they can do no wrong in my eyes.

Of course, several bad apples exist in every law enforcement bucket, but they are a minority; and, without LEOs, we would all be in a helluva mess.

Let’s be real…we have bad apples from every tree: medical doctors, attorneys, teachers, film producers, parents, and so on; hence, I don’t get swayed by the press’s Fake News about LEOs or those minority of LEOs that are bad apples in the bucket — so, that’s all I have to say about that.

So, what happens next?

Well, I support any of the SFPD’s departments in need during emergencies and non emergencies; and, I continue to train, study, and stay in shape to continue with my involvement with SFPD.

I am proud to wear the badge and uniform and will defend the honor of all police officers the best way I can via my finances and other resources available to me.

I was asked by a SFPD Cdr., “What side are you on — your friends or SFPD?

“As long as my friends stay within the law, then all is groovy, and we are all on the side — SFPD; BUT, without equivocation, I am on the side of SFPD the moment my friends break the law…so, I am always on the side of SFPD.”

So, yeah…racing around in my Ferraris ain’t happening anymore due to my passionate interest in representing SFPD in a positive and respectful manner.

Check 6!

/s/ Alfonso Faustino (K6ASF)

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