Alfonso Faustino: Yaesu FT1XDR: Analog and Digital Transceiver: Super Heterodyne and Front-end Filter

I really dig my Yaesu FT1XDR — it is a Yaesu discontinued item, but I still dig it; and I have no interest in purchasing its successor, the FT2XD.

In my recent BLOG, I spoke about the importance of getting a transceiver that is Super Heterodyne and has front-end filters for emergency operations.  I mentioned, although there are other brands out their with these technologies, I use only two for my emergency comms operations: Motorola and Yaesu.

I’ve BLOGged about my reasons I believe Motorola is The Best transceiver in the market-space; and, I also mentioned that Yaesu is my back-up transceiver to my Motorola in emergency operations.

For you emergency comms operators that don’t want to drop $1200 on a brand new Motorola XPR series, I recommend Yaesu transceivers — for ~$200 – ~$400, you can pick up a new Yaesu that will satisfy your social and emergency comm needs.  I’ve used Yaesu transceivers in my ICS-base emergency mission-critical comms drills with the SFPD and SFFD, and my Yaesu FT1XDR passed with flying colors.  I did not experience any TX interference whatsoever when working in close quarters with other emergency comm operators in ICS-based settings.  My Yaesu FT1XDR held its frequencies and prevented desensitizing from nearby emergency comm operators during my emergency drills.

The FT1XDR also uses APRS, which is responsive in the GPS-challenged San Francisco.  It picks up the GPS satellites and communicates the GPS information to the APRS servers pretty fast in San Francisco — about a minute or so throughout San Francisco’s tough Financial District — a concrete jungle.

The front panel programming for repeaters is not as easy as my Motorola XPR 7550e and not as intuitive, but with practice, it became easy for me.

The transmission is crystal clear on both RX and TX; but, the volume is not as strong and robust as my Motorola XPR 7550e — once again, I’m comparing the amateur $265 Yaesu FT1XDR to a professional commercial $1200 Motorola XPR 7550e — so, I get it…it’s not a fair comparison; but, at the same time, this is the reason the Yaesu is a back-up to my Motorola for ICS-based mission-critical emergency comms.

Because System Fusion WiresX is not as popular as DMR in the San Francisco Bay Area, connection to the WiresX is not as easy for me as DMR; but, when I do get connected, I enjoy the convenience of WiresX — GPS location and operators’ call-signs automatically show up on my FT1XDR’s screen without any downloading of a user database and programming it into my transceiver — once again, the Yaesu is built for the amateur market and Motorola for the professional and commercial markets; hence, Motorola isn’t interested in loading up any unnecessary information into their transceivers.  Even though Motorola has GPS, it isn’t as easy to get to as the Yaesu, which automatically displays the GPS information, while in WiresX, of the operator.  Also, Yaesu has a location feature that can alert operators whenever they are near each other.

Since the FT1XDR is discontinued and replaced by the the FT2XD, you will have to search on eBay or other sites to get a brand new one; and, the price has gone up after Yaesu discontinued the FT1XDR — it is a reliable transceiver and isn’t riddled with functioning problems.  You can also find used ones, but I don’t like to by used stuff; hence, I don’t know too much about that market — all my gear is brand new — I’m just really picky that way.

If you’re looking for affordable and reliable transceiver for your social and personal civilian emergency comms and want an alternative to Motorola, check out Yaesu.

You can search me on to check out videos on my Motorola, Yaesu, and Ailunce transceivers.

Check 6!

/s/ Alfonso Faustino (K6ASF)


  1. N6DEZ says:

    Nice to see Yaesu Ham Radio Gear Lovers out there ! I’m also a proud employee for 5 years with Yaesu USA in Cerritos where I was raised and lived. Great to hear about your gear ! Spread the Love


    1. Hi! I can’t wait to get the FT3. Congrats on your employment with Yaesu — they make awesome products. Yes, Yaesu is part of my social and mission-critical comms gear — no desensitized issues with your products! I dig WiresX.


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