Alfonso Faustino: Trader Joe’s: San Francisco, CA: I make $16.50 per hour, and I’m so happy!

After I retired from Corporate America, I traveled the world; I worked on my tennis game; I invested in real estate and start-ups in hi-tech; I invested in films and acted in several; I raced around in my Ferrari’s; I trained in strategic and tactical combat; and, I pursued my acting and film producer ventures.

I retired out of Corporate America when I was 42 years old; and, I never looked back — I don’t have the interest of managing people, budgets, or generating revenue.  I had over 30 years of that experience, and I am DONE!

During my retirement, I learned about the Trinity; I continued to learn about myself and life with vigor and passion — learning for me is part of my make-up — I need to eat, sleep, fuck, breathe, and learn — not in that order!

I spent 18 months in a training center in Virginia, learning and training in strategic and tactical combat; and, I started to take my learning and experiences and offered them to various agencies as a volunteer:  fire, sheriff, and police departments.  Recently, I’m in the application process for the US Coast Guard and San Francisco Police Department.

So, I do all this stuff in-between my acting and production gigs; and, when I’m not doing this stuff, I try to sleep — ever since I was a little kid, I never needed that much sleep — from childhood to now, I sleep on the average of 5 hours per night — at times, I don’t sleep at all; because, I’m ready to start my day, and I have a lot stuff in my head that needs to get realized into the physical realm.

Rather than staying home and watching television at night when I can’t sleep, I decided I wanted to work; but, I was very specific in my parameters of work:

  • I wanted physical and mentally challenging labor;
  • I want to have fun and meet people;
  • I don’t want to take my work home; and,
  • I don’t wanna manage people, budgets, nor revenue.

I don’t need to work; so, salary isn’t important to me.

Now, this is the best selling point for any employer, “Employer: you have the benefit of having an employee, I,  who DOESN’T need to work but WANTS to work!”

Now, if an employer doesn’t understand that distinction of needing to work versus not wanting to work, well, I might have to report you to the CEO of your company; because, you’d be a moron not to understand that benefit in any applicant.

I looked around; and, after a year or so, I found my target: Trader Joe’s.

I’ve been a customer of Trader Joe’s for over 15 years or so; and, they always seem like they have fun — they wear those cool Hawaiian shirts and t-shirts; and, they always have a positive energy; hence, I applied to a store last week.

I always wanted to bag groceries when I was in college and law school; but, my parents didn’t allow me — instead, they got me jobs working for corporations; so, now, I decided to pursue that childhood interest of being a bagger at Trader Joe’s.

They hired me; and, this is my fourth day on the job.

So, in-between my acting gigs, production gigs, volunteer work with the police, sheriff, fire departments, and soon-to-be US Coast Guard, I bag groceries, talk to customers, work the cash register, break-down pallets, and stock shelves, and I really dig it — I get my 8-hour mental and physical work-out; I have fun and feel needed and wanted; and, I get paid doing it!

I really enjoy presenting peanut butter and jam — for me, this is very challenging, but on of the most creative part of stocking a shelf. The pic, below, is my first shelving of peanut butter — I’m proud of my work!

I make $16.50 per hour — I never made $16.50 per hour; and, I have always been an exempt employee — I’ve never been an hourly employee — so, that was a knew mind-set for me; and, this is the BEST job ever — I’m having so much fun.

I get a great work-out lifting boxes; and, people at the store need me; and, I love feeling needed!

I’m so happy — come visit me, and say, “hi.”

The workers and customers at Trader Joe’s are awesome!

The $16.50 I make per hour is the best money I have ever earned — next to my acting gigs of course!

Check 6!

/s/ Alfonso Faustino

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