Alfonso Faustino: Apple iPhone X

Several years ago, an Apple representative from their Cupertino California HQ called me on my iPhone.  They told me about their new Apple iPhone Upgrade Program, and based upon my standing of always buying a brand new iPhone and my excellent credit scores, they invited me to participate in this new pilot program along with chosen others.  After we gave our input, and Apple made their adjustments, the Apple iPhone Upgrade Program became an official Apple product.

I never buy anything used — I always buy all my stuff, especially electronic gadgets brand spanking out-of-the-box new!  Also, I don’t believe in financing toys or luxury products, like my Ferraris.

So, financing an iPhone 7 Plus was a new concept for me; because, I always bought them in one payment.  Anyway, the numbers made sense to me; so, why not?


In order to get admitted into the Apple iPhone Upgrade Program, you have to have excellent credit and have a major credit card.

For existing customers participating in the Apple iPhone Upgrade Program, the process for purchasing the latest and greatest iPhone is relatively easy.  Just access the Apple Store on your iPhone, not the App Store, and one minute after midnight of whatever the Apple Pre-Order date is set, you just click away and follow the prompts.


Of course, you and the majority of the world will be going for the latest and greatest iPhone, so it will overload the Apple Store, and you will get error messages.

Ignore the messages and keep clicking the continue button until it goes through to the next steps.

At this point, two things will happen…you will get a message that Apple reserved an iPhone for you, and within 24 hours you will get an email with further instructions to complete your order process; OR, you will complete your order process during your attempt at the on-line Apple Store.

So, I started the process on 27-October-2017, at 0001 hours PDT, and I finally got my iPhone X reserved at 27-October-2017, at 0016 hours PDT.  I received my email from Apple on 27-October-2017, at 1100 hours PDT, and by 1110 Hours PDT, I completed my order process.  I received a confirmation email that my order process was completed, and my target delivery date was between 17-November-2017 to 24-November-2017.

I could go to an Apple Store on 3-November-2017, and wait in line with the hopes of getting the iPhone X, but there’s no guarantee of getting the iPhone X on 3-November-2017; hence, I’m groovy with just waiting for my new iPhone X to arrive via mail delivery.

I use to be a Google Android mobile phone owner, the one made by Google; but, while in Manhattan, visiting my ex-girlfriend, Violet Markowski, she got me into my first iPhone — the iPhone 4.  Since then, I have been an iPhone owner.  I really dig the Apple eco-system — it just works so well, and it’s super easy to use.  Most of all, I really appreciate the Apple customer service — hassle free and full of solutions for any problems related to Apple products — you just can’t beat Apple’s customer service.

I think this will be my last iPhone purchase — ha, I said that when I got my first Ferrari…then, I ended purchasing a second Ferrari — go figure.

Check 6!

/s/ Alfonso Faustino