Alfonso Faustino: My stand on some hot topics.


While enjoying the view from my penthouse deck today, 9-October-2017, more than a few of us don’t believe, respect, nor acknowledge Columbus Day.  Well, that led on to other discussions about the stuff we believe in.

I am proud to say, “I am no longer a registered republican — I am an independent (no party preference) — my views tend to lean to libertarian, but I am NOT associated to that party.

I believe in a lot of stuff, far too many to write in a BLOG, but here is a high-level sketch of my stand on the hot social topics; and, from this list you can reasonably infer my stand on other topics not listed herein:

  • I support same-sex marriage — love is a great feeling; I really dig it — and, if love takes place between two men and two women, well, hell, I just think that’s swell and a good thing — groovy like a drive-in movie, as far as I’m concerned.  I see no reason the government should interfere with the issue of same-sex marriage.  If same-sex couples wanna express their love through the institution of marriage, why not?
  • I DO NOT LIKE religion nor do I follow religion.  I don’t trust any priests (especially catholic priests), pastors, that fat bald-headed chinese dude called, buddha, that claymation dude called, dahli lama, that dude that looks hungry all the time, ghandi, nor anyone else — the only dude I follow is the Trinity (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) — and, I follow them my way — independent of any entity;
  • I support all law enforcement agencies (e.g., CIA, local police, state police, sheriffs, FBI, homeland security, and so on);
  • I support a strong military and providing them with the funds so they can create and purchase tools they need to protect and defend only Americans here and abroad. I support the military to create tools they need to initiate and execute their missions.

These entities, military and law enforcement, can do no wrong in my eyes and in my realm of life.  I especially support the US Navy — thanks pappy for serving 25 years of your life to America.

  • I believe in updating parts of the Constitution of the United States to reflect our modern lives and the way we live;
  • I support nuclear energy and use of nuclear power;
  • I believe in drilling for oil;
  • I believe in finding and using alternate means of natural clean energy that doesn’t involve oil;
  • I believe the earth grows old and with its aging, climate changes naturally — sometimes it gets hot other times cold — so what?
  • BUT, I also believe we need to reduce garbage in our day-to-day lives to take the pressure off the earth;
  • I believe All Lives Matter especially mine over yours if pushed to that situation;
  • I believe everyone in the US in entitled to free premium health-care (e.g., medical, dental, vision, and senior care);
  • I believe a chick has the right to control her own body; hence, if she wants an abortion within two weeks after getting pregnant, go for it — it should be legal, BUT I should not have to pay for it;
  • I don’t believe in rent control — if you can’t afford to live in a city, get a higher paying job or stop spending money at Starbuck’s everyday — better yet, find a city that’s more affordable for you, so you can spend money at Starbuck’s everyday — hey, if you want something, financially prepare for it — no one, especially, I, owes you jack-shit;
  • I believe everyone I meet is smarter than me, richer than me, stronger than me, armed, and deadly to me until I establish otherwise; hence, I always respect people that I come across.  This principle keeps me alive and competitive;
  • As a catholic Christian, I strongly believe in separation between Any church and all states — the catholic pope need to keep his damn mouth shut about American politics;
  • As a layman, I believe trannies are mentally ill and have a mental and physical disorder — I acknowledge their gender identity by their birth certificate UNLESS they do the Full Monty, in other words, they must do the bottom surgery that transitions them from male to female or vice versa in order for me to acknowledge them by their gender.  After they do the Full Monty, they should be allowed to update their birth certificate to their new gender, and they should be acknowledged by their new gender after the Full Monty.
  • I believe in my right to bear arms openly or concealed; hence, I always carry a weapon on my person or in my bag NOT because I’m a wanna-be bad ass like a Clint Eastwood cowboy, Jason Bourne, or James Bond; but, because, aggressive homeless bums on the street, crack-monkey-zombies, and violent liberals require me to do so.


So, that’s that.

Check 6!

/s/ Alfonso Faustino


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