Alfonso Faustino: “Silly dumb politician assholes — guns don’t kill people — we kill people — especially, politicians like the despicable hypocrite, Leland Yee, PhD..”

Wanna know who kills people?  People kill people; and, asshole hypocrite-politicians like Convicted Felon, Former California Senator, Leland Yee, PhD., kill people.  If there’s one type of people I disdain more than a hypocrite catholic priest is a hypocrite politician; and, Convicted Felon, Leland Yee, PhD., is public enemy number one to me — as well as that other asshole, Anthony Weiner, that got convicted of sexting his general and two colonels to a minor while in the same bed as his son — man, what the hell is going on in this world? — you’re telling me I gotta worry about President Donald Trump?  Yeah — right — Trump ain’t the problem — you asshole- politicians like, Yee, Weiner, and you hypocrite catholic priests are the problem — you people are lop-minded jerk-offs!


I am unequivocal about this statement that I will put my own life on the line to support my assertion in this BLOG.

I will prove to you ass-face politicians that guns don’t kill people — here goes:


I placed my trusted and loved sidearm, Sig Sauer P226 9mm Black Nitron, on my dining room table.  In the magazine-well, I put a fully stacked magazine with 10 9mm cartridges — hollow point — designed for self-protection — designed to inflict the most bodily damage when meeting its target — these cartridges are designed to stop, destroy parts of the body, or kill.

I racked the slide forward to move a cartridge from the magazine and into the chamber — the sidearm is considered hot at this point in time. I left the trigger action on double-action.  I sat across the table, with the muzzle pointing directly at my chest; I sat there for 10 minutes…well, the sidearm’s trigger never moved forward to strike the primer of the cartridge; the primer did not activate the gunpowder in the cartridge; the cartridge did not release the bullet through the sidearm’s barrel; hence, I didn’t get struck by any bullet from my sidearm, as I sat across from my sidearm at the table.

So, there you have it, you dumb ass-face politicians and followers of those dumb-asses who believe guns kill people — quantifiable proof that GUNS DO NOT KILL PEOPLE.

We kill people, and we use a variety of different tools to get the job done.

In my civilian combat training of 18 months in Virginia, I learned the importance of manipulating items around me to weapons that can contribute to giving me a fighting chance, should I come across a threat.  For example, salt — you know…the kind you use to season a steak, though, if you eat at restaurants I visit, the steaks are perfectly seasoned, and you won’t ever spoil a Grade-A+ well-prepared steak with salt.


I also learned the importance of avoiding a potential hostile situation, which is my first go-to weapon — I always avoid confrontation — verbal or physical — it ain’t worth engagement; but, if I cannot avoid, and the threat puts me in a situation whereby I cannot run away, I can manipulate anything in my environment to protect, conceal, and cover me, as well as execute self-protection procedures.

Am I a Jason Bourne, James Bond, or a Clint Eastwood cowboy bad-ass?  Ha — no — not even close; and, I’m so far behind these types of guys; BUT, I am a civilian that knows the way to take care of myself against bums on the street, crack-monkey-zombies gone wild, and malfeasant individuals mistaking me for a target.

Let’s say you sorry ass-faces end up eliminating guns to the free world…well guess, what?  That ain’t gonna do diddalee squat…because, if a malfeasant individual wants to kill you, he will — with or without a gun.  He would use a car, make a bomb, use a knife, use a club…or better yet, learn flying lessons from a software game program you get at Best Buys and high-jack a plane and fly it into a building…yeah, that’s the way those asshole-finatics did it on September 11th — they learned to fly on a computer game, then they took over a commercial jet and flew into the towers in NYC.

So, where’s the campaign sloagan, “Flying computer games kill people; therefore, we need flying-computer-games-control!

So, where’s the campaign slogan, “Commercial jets kill people; therefore, we need commercial-jet-control!

The dude that ran over those people in Virginia this year, 2017, used a Dodge Charger…where’s the wacked-out politicians on that incident?  Why aren’t those wacky politicians making a campaign saying, “Dodge Chargers kill people; therefore, we want Dodge-Charger-control!”

Listen here you silly ass-face politician…gun control ain’t the answer.  So, what is the answer?

Here’s my possible solutions:

  • I believe firearms owners need to be licensed for each classification of firearms they own — just like the FAA has a license for each aircraft a PIC can fly.  The PIC has to train, study, and qualify for each aircraft he flies: single engine fixed, single engine retractable, dual engine fixed, and so on.
  • Firearms owners need a scheduled psychological evaluation and physical testing to ensure they are mentally and physically fit to maintain their firearm’s licenses for each firearm class they own.
  • I believe in a national or worldwide database that tracks the firearms that people own.
  • Absolutely no modifications of any firearms should take place.
  • I believe scheduled examinations of firearms must take place much like the way we bring our vehicles in for a smog test every two years — same with firearms…owners need to bring them into a qualified firearms tester and evaluator to ensure the firearms are up to legal code and remain in their classifications without modification.
  • I believe firearms owners aren’t allowed to carry their firearms while drinking alcohol or under the influence of drugs and medication — just like “Don’t Drink And Drive.”
  • I believe, under no circumstances whatsoever, a civilian should have more firepower than law enforcement or the military.  There is absolutely no reason for a civilian to have more firepower or deadlier firepower than law enforcement or the military!  NONE!

Firearms owners and butt-lickin’ politicians will argue that my solutions are unconstitutional — my answer?

The constitution needs to get updated — we are living a modern-age world with 17th century rules — all those rules are outdated and have little bearing to the technological advances we made since the day the constitution was written.

Those old white powder-puff lipstick-wig-wearing dust-farts drafted the constitution at a time and place whereby slaves were a part of life, diversity was about the different chattel you owned (e.g, cows, sheep, ducks, chicken, horses, and so on), chicks were equal to chattel — they were physically abused and couldn’t vote, and their main source of light was a fucking candle.  Back then, the need for guns was prevalent and a life-saving tool; because, people lived in a very young America whereby law enforcement and military protection wasn’t readily available to them; so, the need for guns was really a needed tool to protect their lives.  Some jerk-off can ride into someone’s property, murder the people on that property, and get away with it.

Today, law enforcement is readily available, though their response time can be slow; today, we have a military that is ready to protect us from hostile invasion; so, the need for guns should be tempered given our present resources.  I’m not saying eliminate the constitution; I’m saying updating it to fit our present-day lifestyle.

Now, I get it…people want the firepower to protect themselves against the zombie apocalypse or civil upheaval — fine, if people wanna own assault weapons like the AR-15, let them; but, control the owners — regulate them, and make certain they qualify the mental and physical testing to own that class of weapon.

The creator of the AR-15 said, “there is only one reason for the AR-15 — to kill.” The creator of the AR-15 went on to say, “there would be no reason for a civilian to own this type of weapon unless he wanted it to kill people.”

Oh, and by the way, a firearm is the last thing you wanna use should there be a zombie apocalypse or civil upheaval.

The other part of the argument is the criminals — we need to control the criminals.

We need to control the criminals that have illegal possession of firearms.  We need harsher punishment for criminals that illegally possess illegal guns, such as, but not limited to, control the death penalty.  We need to make malfeasant individuals in the US realize suicide MUST BE their ONLY solution should they decide to commit a crime; because, if they get caught, the criminal punishment must be life-long suffering filled with emotional and physical regret — a prison should be a prison — not a place for comfort nor vacation spot.


Wanna know the way criminals get all those military assault weapons?  From politicians like your colleague, the despicable and hypocrite, Convicted Felon, Former California Senator, Leland Yee, PhD..  Presently, this politically and educationally accomplished asshole is serving a 5-year sentence — 5-years is ALL he got for illegally purchasing and distributing weapons to malfeasant individuals that bypass the legal procedures to acquire a firearm.

This asshole needs to serve a life-long sentence in a maximum prison for all the lives he indirectly killed through his illegal activities.  He gets out March 2019; but, the effects of his crime are lifelong to all of us; because, he placed illegal assault weapons in the hands of people that shouldn’t have any firearms whatsoever in their possession and custody.

Today, as we live, those people still have illegal firearms to get their jobs done; and, worse, they will pass those illegal firearms throughout their community well beyond Yee’s 5-year jail time at a low-security mental health prison — that asshole got off easy; he made a few bucks, serves several years, and gets out — not a bad risk-reward proposition, eh?

That’s the problem — the risk-reward favors the criminals; and, when that happens, crime increases; because, the repercussions of getting caught is nothing to them — they serve half their sentence for good behavior, catch up with their buddies in prison, and those criminals are back on street doing business as usual.

Another solution that can get criminals to think twice about screwing around with law-abiding individuals is for law-abiding individuals to learn about self-protection with and without a sidearm.  That’s the reason I got a sidearm and got trained and certified to use it — I no longer wanted to be defenseless little bitch for those assholes that wanna start shit with me…BUT, I also know, a sidearm is more dangerous to me if I don’t know the way to use it…hence, I took an 18-month self-protection civilian combat training course in Virginia.

For 18 months, I got my ass literally kicked over and over again until I got the combat maneuvers second nature to me; I got shot at — once in the head; and, guess what?  I don’t like it — it hurts like hell; hence, I do my best not to get my ass kicked; and, if the situation calls for it, be the first to discharge my weapon.

“Guns kill people,” is getting old and has no truth to it whatsoever…it was merely a wacky politician’s way to get elected into office.  It was his way to use that catch-phrase to manipulate the public in order to get voted into office; and, shame on you dumb-asses for falling for that campaign.

Anyway, since you ass-face politicians want to go to the extreme of eliminating firearms by lying and manipulating the public and take advantage of using and politicizing people getting killed by guns, like you’re doing the situation in Vegas, to gain votes and feather your political nests, I will go to the extreme to oppose you as best I can in a manner that affects you the most…financially.

As an individual, I lack the prominence, the political soap-boxes, and the social power to fight you with any substantial net gain for my cause — just take a look at my followers on this site, my Twitter account, and Instagram account — not many followers at all that can carry out my message against your manipulative campaign; but, I am financially capable to financially fund campaigns I favor…and, I join other financial groups to get a stronger hold if needed…you get the picture.

I fund political fighters that are able to go up against politicians like you…my political fighters have many soap-boxes spanning many mediums (e.g., television, Internet, congress, and so on), and our fighters have many arms that touch other parts of the United States that can reach the White House and fight for our rights as a responsible firearms owner.

While you and your followers are causing riots, illegally destroying personal and public property, killing people that don’t share the same political views as you do, people like me and my group are tuning that crap out of our brains and focusing and achieving bigger goals by covertly working and financing stuff  behind the scenes that matter to us — getting elected officials in offices that represent our political philosophies; getting bills blocked and eliminated that go against our political philosophies; and, making sure we have effective lobbyists.

There’s a wonderful article about a billionaire, who owns one of the major hotels in Vegas.  He is worth around $40 billion; and, he and his wife are pretty much behind the scenes.  They were one of the major funders for President Trump — donating millions of dollars to the Trump campaign.

So, this is my pledge to all you ass-face politicians…I will continue to pay my fighters to go against your lies and manipulations of gun-control and your untruthful campaign that “guns kill people.”

Until valid and reasonable laws can be created regarding firearms, I will financially support all entities that lobby and protect my 2nd Amendment rights to take custody and possession of a firearm, long and short, for self-protection.  Financing entities that are bigger and more powerful than you is my way of fighting your “guns kill peoplecampaign.

I continue to believe in my own uses for self-protection, in any way, firearm or otherwise, against any threat, foreign or domestic, by the mass or by the individual, that interfere with my legal right to life and the pursuit of happiness.  I support the NRA; and, I continue to discuss with them on an annual basis their needed involvement in protecting my firearm rights in California.

That’s that.

Check 6!

/s/ Alfonso Faustino


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  1. Hear hear 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks — not many people in SF dig my position on firearms and politics.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hehe I can imagine 😉. The left-wing is fairly short-sighted on this issue, failing to fully understand the history and failing to think ahead about future possibilities. There are Jewish people who are alive today because they held onto their guns in the time of the Holocaust. There are countless women alive today because they were armed during an attack attempt. So if the left wants more gun control, who wins and who loses? Food for thought, for them 💓. I’m a Texan woman, and I view the right to bear arms as the only effective check-and-balance regarding tyranny, and I view the right to carry as the ultimate example of true gender equality (which is something those people prattle on about, while trying to take mine away) 🌺. Keep speaking up, my friend 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Awesome — I am a Southerner: Charleston, South Carolina. So, you and I seem to share the same values.

        Yes, I agree with every word in your comment; and, it’s too bad that people don’t realize this particular history of time.

        It’s really such a wonderful pleasure meeting you and getting to know you!

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Thank you so kindly! The feeling is very mutual 🙂 I adore the Southeast; I haven’t been to South Carolina, but I’ve been to Atlanta and all over Florida 😀 Fun times!

        It’s highly uplifting to meet others of like minds! I really enjoy meeting you and getting to know you as well ❤

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Thank you! I’m reading your latest BLOG now. I just dig the way you write!

        Liked by 1 person

      5. Awww thank you very much! 😍. You are too kind! I’m digging yours as well! 💖☮🌟


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