Alfonso Faustino: Head-shot Photographer: Zanfer Ali

I always like giving new businesses a try.  Starting a new business is always difficult; so, when a new business comes my way, introducing its services to me, I will evaluate it; and, if it falls into the stuff I need to get done, and it provides good quality and customer support, why not?


I’m up to always trying something new and different.


Zanfer Ali is a talented artist, and he is a meticulous perfectionist when it comes to his craft — photography.  He is always pushing himself to squeeze the best shot for his clients; but, most importantly, for himself.  He really wants the best out of his work; because if he gets the best out of himself, his clients will be pleased.

Perhaps one of the things I really don’t prefer doing is head-shots — it takes a lot of work and time; and, I never really feel like head-shots capture me in a way that accurately reflects the casting I want to convey.


Well, Zanfer is a different type of shooter; he is also an actor; so, he knows the importance of getting that one shot, out of 200 shots, which accurately gets the casting of the actor.

He also likes to try different things with the background and lighting to compliment the head-shot.

If you’re looking for new head-shots, check out Zanfer Ali’s website; and, you can visit my website — I just uploaded some of my shots from Zanfer’s photo-shoot of me.

Check 6!

/s/ Alfonso Faustino

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