Alfonso Faustino: Trinity’s Blessing Of Good People In My Life (K6ASF)

I have an amazingly great and blessed life…the Trinity blessed me in all aspects of my life; and, I have no complaints nor regrets.  He helped me get all the stuff in my life that I ever wanted and needed; He provided me with ALL my past experiences in order for me to gain wisdom to help me along my present life; and, He provided me with a great family and people in my life.

Because of the great life I have today, I learned that it is only great because of ALL the stuff that happened in my past, leading up to this present day.  Because I value all my past experiences, I proudly take ownership, without apologies nor regrets, for every single thing I said, wrote, and acted in my entire life.  I proudly keep every single experience and encounter in my past and would not give them up nor take a different path — I would do each and every one of them all over again given the opportunity.

My life was good back then; but, my life is so much better now.

One of the many reasons my life is better today than yesterday is because of the Trinity’s blessing of putting good people in my life within the past three years; and, today, 12-September-2017, I wanna BLOG about two people I recently met and are in my life and circle.

I use the word, friend and its derivatives with the highest regard of scrutiny and standard of care; and, I choose not to have many friends because of the high standard of care I impose upon myself as being a friend to someone and to the people whom I call, my friends.

In all my friendships, I gave them all my best: I was loyal, considerate, and financially available to all of them; hence, when my friendships end for whatever reasons, it is easy for me to walk away a move on without making any U-turns.  I easily and quickly dumped two childhood friends that I’ve known since I was in first grade; I no longer wanted friendships with them; because, they violated my trust and weren’t loyal to me. When I found out about the violations, I left them faster than a New York Minute without looking back.  To this day, it was one of the best decisions I ever made in my life; and, I’m a much better person as a result of it.

My strengths and gifts I give to my friends are loyalty and consideration, which are my highest badges of honor, and I expect them to give the same to me — if not, then they are not allowed to be my friends — believe me, membership has it’s privileges; and, because being my friends have privileges with me, I am very cautious with whom I let in, and I’m well-protected.


Membership has its privileges on the other side, too.  The friends I have today, treat me as good, and at times better, as I treat them; hence, you see, I have privileges as a result of being included in my friends’ circles of trust.

Within the past three years, the Trinity introduced two guys to me, Charles Scott, M.D., whom my family and I adopted into our family, and whom we affectionately call, “Doc.” We met as neighbors — he lives one house up from us; and, we instantly clicked.  We NEVER let anyone live in our house; but, while Doc was renovating his home, we invited him to live with us.  He says that we are blessing to him; well, he is a blessing to us, as well.  We are now family members.


When I got involved with HAM operations, the first communications network I went to was CARLA.  I was newly licensed, and I didn’t know a single person.  I have never let anything nor anyone get in my way, including myself, so I just began to talk to anyone that would talk to me — not many people talked to me; because, I was new.  A couple of people stepped up and spoke to me; and, on of them was Tom Naso.  He is the founder and creator of CARLA; and, we ended up learning we have so much in common.  We ended up hanging out together, and he has become a dear friend to me, and he is also my HAM Operator, Elmer.


It is my goal to continue to earn my place in their lives as a considerate and loyal friend.

Check 6!

/s/ Alfonso Faustino (K6ASF)

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