Alfonso Faustino: Thunder & Lightning in San Francisco

11-September-2017, at 2030 Hours PDT

San Francisco seldom has extreme weather; and, while I understand that extreme weather in San Francisco is par for the course as normal weather for the rest of the world, from my perspective, thunder and lightning in San Francisco are still amazing and captivating events for me.

While I was participating in Net Control ID 3106, I shut down the lights to my penthouse, opened my deck doors and windows and listened to thunder roar and felt the ground vibrate.  I enjoyed seeing and hearing the rain smash onto my deck floors, while enjoying the warm 70-degree breeze rush in through my doors and windows.  I prepped my iPhone 7 Plus to take pictures of the lightning across the street from my penthouse.

It was a mesmerizing sight for me; the lightning lit up the night skies from the quick flash of electrical strikes blazing across the sky.

I had the best seat in town, and the warm breeze comforted me like a broke-in soft blanket. I stayed up until 2240 hours PDT — that was the last lightning strike I saw; and, the last thunder roar I heard and felt.  I closed up and went downstairs to eat a pizza while making edits to my pictures.

Check 6!

/s/ Alfonso Faustino

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