Alfonso Faustino: Motorola CP 200: VHF: Maritime Frequencies (K6ASF)

I only use four VHF frequencies — the rest of my HAM operational activities are on the UHF frequency band.


So, what are the four VHF frequencies I use?

  1. MAR-09: Internship SAR
  2. MAR-13: Bridge Port-Bridge
  3. MAR-14: Bay Traffic
  4. MAR-16: DISTRESS (United States Coast Guard)

As a PADI SCUBA diver, I am in the ocean about 5% of my life, and I always like to have the security of knowing that I have contact to people that will help me if something should go unexpectedly on the boat or on a dive.

VHF frequency transceivers are the best because of the unobstructed line-of-sight of the ocean, which means I have a good chance of getting a signal out to shore or to another boat or ship.

Fortunately, the maritime community is a supportive one; and, they follow strict protocols in their transceiver operations.

The maritime industry has specifically made transceivers for the maritime frequencies; but, I prefer Motorola transceivers; and, I really dig my Motorola CP 200, which I had for many years; its original purpose was from my days of racing my Ferraris around.


After I stopped racing around my Ferraris , I stored my Motorola CP 200 away, and I was just gonna toss it out as junk, but I didn’t; and, I’m glad I didn’t.  I repurposed it for my HAM operations; and, now, I repurposed it again for my maritime activities.


So, now, I have my Motorola XPR 7550e for land-based UHF frequencies for social HAM activities, as well has my HAM operations as a volunteer personnel for the fire department, sheriff’s department, and police department;


my Yaesu FTA-450L for aviations operations; and,


my Motorola VHF CP 200 is strictly for emergency maritime operations — I think I got all my bases covered — yes?

Here is a sound clip of my Motorola CP200: San Francisco Bay Traffic.

Check 6!

/s/ Alfonso Faustino (K6ASF)


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