Alfonso Faustino: Motorola XPR 7550e Code-plug for Analog, DMR HAM networks, and a list of GMRS Frequencies I use (HAM: K6ASF and GMRS: WQZI967)

Several licensed GMRS operators asked the GMRS frequencies I use; hence, I created this BLOG.

By the by, I don’t talk with GMRS people that do not possess a valid FCC GMRS license — unless the unlicensed person is in an emergency situation.  Unfortunately, many people using GMRS do not possess licenses or use fake ones, and they flagrantly break the FCC rules — to me, GMRS is just another CB environment — pretty nasty.  Unlike HAM, the FCC doesn’t require people to take an exam…I believe the FCC should require people to take an exam in order to get their GMRS license; but, that’s for another BLOG.

The list, below, contains the entire GMRS frequencies I use.

If you follow the numeric listing below, we can easily coordinate communications with each other by saying, “go to channel 13,” and all you need to do is turn your dial to Channel 13, which is GMRS frequency, 462.700, and we will be able to communicate.

I use this naming convention for my sister and girlfriend’s transceivers, and it works out very well.

GMRS Frequencies Listed In My Transceivers

  1. 462.5652
  2. 462.5875
  3. 462.6125
  4. 462.6375
  5. 462.5500
  6. 462.5750
  7. 462.6000
  8. 462.6250
  9. 462.6500
  10. 462.6625
  11. 462.6750
  12. 462.6875
  13. 462.7000
  14. 462.7125
  15. 462.7250
  16. 467.5500
  17. 467.5750
  18. 467.6000
  19. 467.6250
  20. 467.6500
  21. 467.6750
  22. 467.7000
  23. 467.7250

When I get home, I will upload my Motorola XPR 7550e MOTOTRBO Code-plug for you do download and clone to your Motorola XPR 7550e.  I have to find out if uploading and downloading files is a feature in WordPress.


I programmed my code-plug to have:

  • Analog repeaters specific to San Francisco, Bay Area, my locations in New York, and my locations Southern California,
  • DMR repeaters in San Francisco, Bay Area, New York, Southern California, SNARS, and PAPA System,
  • Most used Talk Groups on DMR,
  • One analog repeater for each state, and
  • CARLA’s UHF Repeaters: Link PL and Local PL.

Many thanks to N6MVT for teaching me the way to create Motorola Code-plugs.  It was an arduous task, but it was well-worth the experience — now, I can customize my Motorola XPR 7550e to my HAM operations on a social level and on a professional and commercial level as a volunteer personnel with the sheriff’s department, fire department, and police department.

Check 6!

/s/ Alfonso Faustino (K6ASF)

FCC GMRS License: WQZI967

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