Alfonso Faustino: I’m too selfish to have children!

I was having lunch with an acquaintance of mine the other day.  He is married and have two children.  He is proud of his children; and, his children are wonderful — I believe good children and good dogs, cats, and other pets are the result of good parenting and responsible ownership respectively.

I enjoy seeing my acquaintances’ and friends’ children — I’ve met many of those kids when they were babies; and, now, they are in grade school, high school, and college.  Some of them graduated and have good-paying jobs at some well-known companies — companies that I pulled some strings to get them in.

My acquaintance, Dave, said, “Alfonso, you’d be an awesome father — don’t you wanna have kids of you own some day?

Without a beat, I quickly said, “Fortunately, the Trinity didn’t instill that objective in goal in my mission in life — I know I would make an awesome father and would have great kids; but, the only thing that’s missing is I don’t have and never did have the interest of starting a family — I am just way too selfish.

Perplexed, Dave asked, “What do you mean you’re too selfish?

I went on to say, “I value my time and financial freedom to do as I please and come and go as I please without having to be bounded by the responsibility of raising kids.  I manage my time — no one manages my time unless I allow myself to be managed by someone’s schedule…if I had kids, they would manage my time — and, well, Dave, that ain’t somethin’ I’m willing to give up; and, with kids, to raise them proper…the time I give them ain’t just gonna be eight hours…it’s 24/7 365 until I die — and, that ain’t a pleasant thought for me.”

I continued, “With kids, I wouldn’t be able to take off on a private jet to Manhattan and watch the US Open Tennis Matches; with kids, I wouldn’t be able to buy my Ferraris and drive them around; with kids, I wouldn’t have the awesome outlook on life because of the freedom of time and space that I control — I have a life without constraints of time; with kids, I wouldn’t have the time to talk to people across the globe on my HAM transceivers at 1100 hours in the morning or 2300 hours in the evening; with kids, I wouldn’t be able to play tennis any time of the day I choose; with kids, I wouldn’t be able to build the castle I built with my sister with the blessing and guidance of the Trinity; and, with kids, I would not be the awesome guy that I am today — you see, Dave…I’m about making certain I live the best life I can for myself and living my beliefs in the Trinity…plain and simple…I’m happy, Dave; and, kids…man, Dave, I see kids as a full-time life-long draining job — they would make me so unhappy — I would feel they would rob me of my energy — my youth!  I just ain’t interested in sharing my time, money, energy, and giving up my youth to raise, invest, and have kids in my life; and, I’m happy the Trinity did not have that in His plan for me from the beginning of my time — maybe, He might change my life up as I get older; but, for now, I’m perfectly happy being selfish — I’m perfectly happy with the way my life is without children.

He said, “Well, at least you’re honest about that; and, you know yourself…the great thing about being a guy is if you change your mind later, you and Mel can always have babies since she is a lot younger than you.


I said, “You’re correct — if the Trinity decides it’s time for me to start a family with Mel, we will accept the will of the Trinity to have kids later in our lives, we will, and we can. Mel and my kids will be financially set for life — way beyond my death — Mel can raise them on her own with the money and houses I will leave for my kids — they won’t need anything and won’t need me — she can always marry another guy after I’m dead to act as a father-figure if she chooses.  So, it’s not like I don’t have the option of having kids — I do — I just don’t want any kids at this age in my life — right now, I’m a self-centered man — always have been until the Trinity directs me otherwise…my purpose at this time, is to continue to create and develop my life; and, I can’t do that with kids in my life.  

Dave chimed in, “You know, I love Sara and the boys…but, sometimes, I feel like I just followed what I thought I should do rather doing what I wanted to do…I mean…don’t get me wrong, I love Sara and the boys, and I’m really happy; but, I also feel like I haven’t done a lot stuff; and, I feel like ‘is that all to my life?’ 

I said, “Dave, your path of Trinity was to start a family; and, your life is still there for you to build and create — you just have other people that you need to add to it; and, that’s groovy — do the stuff you wanna do; but, do it as a father, husband, and parent to your family — that’s all — include them in your journey — make them a part of it — nothin’ wrong with that.

He kinda smiled at me; we made a toast with our iced teas, naturally brewed by the San Francisco sun with a hint of cucumber and mint, and said, “to our continued journeys and missions in life — with and without children.

Yeah, I’m one selfish bastard; but, hey, I love it; and, it’s my life until otherwise directed by the Trinity!  Cheers.

If you ever wanna talk on the transceiver, I’m usually on DMR Talk Group ID: 310.

/s/ Alfonso Faustino

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