Alfonso Faustino: Two Way Digital Radio: Ken Bryant: Motorola XPR 7550e: UHF: 403 – 527 MHz (K6ASF)


I am extremely selective with whom I deal businesses, and they must match my following criteria:

  • Quality Products
  • Professional Knowledge: Subject-Matter-Expert (SME)
  • Effective & Efficient Support
  • Business Ethics
  • Reasonable Pricing

My equipment of choice for my HAM operations is Motorola; and, the company that supplies me with my Motorola HAM gear is Ken Bryant at

Mobile: 706‐896‐0000

Ken Bryant is an authorized Motorola Dealer; he is also a HAM operator; and, he understands, on a subject-matter-expert level, the needs of a HAM operator and the way to squeeze those HAM operation needs from the high-end professional and commercial Motorola transceivers.

So, I’m gonna rate Ken based up my criteria using the 5-star method — five stars (*****) being the best rating:

*****Quality Products: Ken only deals with Motorola — they are reliable and wear well through time.  He has access to many different models, and he knows the way they work and the way to program them, which brings me to my next criteria…

*****Professional Knowledge: Subject-Matter-Expert (SME): Ken is an authorized Motorola Dealer; he knows the nuances of the hardware and software and is able to resolve my issues with one email, phone call, or text message. If you ever engaged with the Motorola’s CPS and transceivers, you will understand my statement to heart.

As a newbie to Motorola products, it is critical I deal with an advisor that has thorough product knowledge; because, as a HAM operator, my needs and wants in a HAM transceiver might resemble the rest of the HAM population, BUT there are specific features I need in my Motorola that can be exclusive only to me; and, Ken’s customer facing skills are excellent when dealing with my specific HAM and Motorola needs.

Ken listens to me and understands my HAM operation needs, and he aligns the Motorola transceiver to fit my needs and wants, which is the reason I ended up purchasing the Motorola XPR 7550e from him.  By the way, this transceiver is amazing!

*****Effective & Efficient Support:  I WILL NOT purchase ANY product from a business that does not have excellent product support.  Ken provides effective and efficient customer support.  He replies to my calls and email within 24 hours or less.  He wrote documents that explain the unique characteristics of Motorola and the ways to address them as they apply to HAM operations — you see, Motorola transceivers are professional and commercial transceivers and are not designed for HAM operations.

In order to me to use Motorola for my HAM operations, I need to know the way to program the transceiver; and, since I’m new to Motorola programming, I need an advisor than can support me as I go through my learning curve.  Ken is patient about dealing with newbies like me.  He patiently explains the lay of the land and stuff that needs to be done with the product in order for the product to address my needs and wants.  He spent countless hours with me on the phone going over the stuff that needs to be done with Motorola; and, he responded to all my emails and text messages throughout the day and evening in order to ensure that my concerns were addressed.

Because of Ken’s knowledge of Motorola, I didn’t have to research other areas for answers.

*****Business Ethics:  Finding an ethical person in life is challenging, especially in business because of the transaction of money.  The business owner wants to make a sale in order to make his business profitable; and, many business owners are only concerned about making a sale at the detriment of a customer, which means the seller pushes all kinds of unnecessary stuff to the customer.

Ken is an ethical businessman.  He didn’t try to sell me unnecessary stuff; and, he even curtailed my spending activities by telling me, “you know, you really don’t need that extra cost; because if you do this with your [transceiver], you will get the same results without having to purchase that [additional] [item].”

In all my communications with Ken, he has been consistent and forthright with me.  I trust is expertise in mobile communications.

*****Reasonable Pricing:  We all need to make a profit; we all want to get the most for our dollar; and, Ken finds a way to balance all that out, so it’s a win-win situation for him and his customers.  His products are reasonably priced and lower than the rest of the market.

For example, he gave me an awesome deal for my Motorola XPR 7550e; because, I was only buying one, and I am a HAM operator — not a commercial or professional user; hence, he worked out a deal for me; he still makes a profit; and, I get the transceiver at a considerably lower price than the market price of other sellers.

Because Ken exceeded my expectations in the criteria, supra, he will be my primary source for my Motorola HAM communications needs.


If your looking for a Motorola transceiver or other communications product, check Ken Bryant at

Mobile: 706‐896‐0000

Check 6!

/s/ Alfonso Faustino (K6ASF)




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