Alfonso Faustino: Baofeng GT3TP (K6ASF)

(UPDATE: 31-May-2016, @ 2330 Hours PDT: On a simplex frequency, my acting classmate, Matthew, call-sign: Crazy Canook, used my girlfriend’s Baofeng GT3TP hand-held transceiver, and he spoke to me from Linden Street in Oakland, California, while I was at Eagle’s Nest — that’s over 9 miles away on a simplex frequency — no repeaters at all — the Baofeng is a very impressive transceiver — I’m truly impressed and happy with it!)

I have top-end HAM transceivers: Yaesu and Motorola; and, I have never purchased a low-end product of any sort — ever.  My father always taught me to purchase the best — put the initial capital of buying the best; and, it will save you time and money in the long run — he was correct.




I gave my sister one of my Motorola for emergency communications in the event she gets lost or injured while hiking.  Now, I think my Motorolas look cool, and they are built like tanks; but, my sister didn’t enjoy carrying the Motorola I gave her; she said it was ugly, bulky, and way too heavy.  As a result, she refrained from carrying my Motorola, which to me, is a not good.


So, I looked around; and, of course all the “cute” hand-held transceivers are down on the low-end; but, I’d rather have her carry something that was cute and functional rather than nothing at all.


I am across the Baofeng GT3TP.  Cosmetically, I knew my sister would like it — it has a black and orange housing.  It weighs much less than the Motorola I gave her; but, most importantly, from my perspective, it works — really really well.

It is an inexpensive oriental HAM hand-held transceiver that has 8 watts of power, can store many frequencies, easy to use, loud speaker, and it can cover lots of distance — of course, after I replaced the stock antenna with the Diamond SRH77CA — that oriental stock antenna sucks.


While I programmed and tested the unit for her, I was truly impressed.  With the Diamond SRH77CA antenna I purchased, this radio packs a strong, clear, and reliable signal punch to all points of the compass.  All the operators I made contact could not believe I was using an inexpensive Baofeng transceiver — I hate to say this, but it covered more distances than my Yaesu and Motorola hand-held transceivers — of course, it’s all about the antenna — spend $1 on the transceiver and spend the rest of the money on a good antenna.

My sister and girlfriend love it — looks cute, it’s super light, super easy to use, and punches out a strong clear signal.

Check 6!

/s/ Alfonso Faustino (K6ASF)

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