Alfonso Faustino: FCC Grants New Call-sign: K6ASF

I want to be a volunteer for first-responder agencies. That’s the only reason I got my HAM license. Now, that I got my license, it’s time to learn and practice getting on the air — learn about my transceiver and practice using my transceiver on the air.

After I learn this stuff, then I will begin learning about first-responder’s agencies needing my skills, talents, and experiences. I will begin the application process once I learn and become more experienced as a HAM operator.

Many thanks to Wayne (K6WSA).  He and other HAM operators have been very supportive of me and provided me with lots of great information and guidance.


Wayne came up with my new call-sign, K6ASF; and, today, 23-May-2017, @ 2401 hours PDT, the FCC granted K6ASF to me.

This will be my final call-sign.

Check 6!

/s/ Alfonso Faustino (K6ASF)