Alfonso Faustino: A wonderful repeater, Napa’s WA7G (K6ASF)

I found a wonderful repeater in Napa, which is part of the WIN System, called, WA7G.


It is an active repeater; and, the repeater works so well that all the HAM operators sound like they are all talking in one room.  HAM operators from all over the US seem to migrate to this repeater and talk about music, family, relationships, and insomnia.


Bob (K7ZH) hosts an insomnia program on WA7G.  It’s really popular with lots of HAM operators signing in to discuss topics from music to ATVs.

Bob hosts the program from Beaverton, Oregon; and, the HAM operators that sign in to talk are from Florida, Arizona, England, Colorado, Utah, Oregon, Las Vegas, San Francisco, and other states.  The people are so friendly, and they have Southern accents for some reason; and, it makes the conversations engaging.


The thing that is really impressive is the sound quality of the repeater — no snap, crackle, and pop in the background or interfering with the modulation.  My hand-held Motorola HT1550 XLS UHF transceiver hits repeater and receives signals from the repeater without any problem whatsoever.


This is definitely one of my favorite repeaters.

Check 6!

/s/ Alfonso Faustino (K6ASF)

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