Alfonso Faustino: Maxpedition: Black Mongo Versipack: EDC (K6ASF)

As I mentioned in my previous BLOG, my survival skills (urban and wilderness survival training), my strategic and tactical combat training, my knowledge, and practice are more important to me than any EDC or bug-out pack.  The more I know and the more I practice and train, the lighter my EDC and bug-out pack become; because, I don’t need a lot of stuff — I can manipulate my environment to my advantage — I really dig that.  My bug-out pack was light: 22-23 pounds.  Now, it’s even lighter; because, I reduced it to 12 pounds.


In my previous BLOG, I mentioned I combine my EDC stuff with my bug-out stuff.  I modified my bug-out pack…A LOT.

My bug-out pack is the Maxpedition Black Mongo Versipack; hereinafter, shoulder-pack.  This shoulder-pack is strictly my urban gear bug-out pack.  With this shoulder pack, I can bug-out and be off the grid for many days.

The Maxpedition Black Mongo Versipack is a sling-pack; and, for the urban activities, this is perfect.  I am left-handed; and, I prefer the cross-draw; hence, I purchased the right-handed Maxpedition Black Mongo Versipack.  Unlike my North Face Router back-pack, I don’t have to take off the Maxpedition Black Mongo Versipack to access my stuff.  Simply, I sling the Maxpedition Black Mongo Versipack from my right side to the front of my body, and it is situated for my left hand to grab the stuff I need without taking off the pack.

When my sidearm is on my person, I cross-draw with my left hand from my right side; and, when my sidearm is concealed in my Maxpedition Black Mongo Versipack, I sling it to the front of my body and cross-draw my sidearm with my left-hand — it’s perfect.

Many sidearm operators prefer not to conceal their sidearms off-body.  Granted, my preference is to have my sidearm on my person; but, with proper training and practice and executing all the safety procedures into muscle and mental memory, carrying my sidearm off-body and in my Maxpedition Black Mongo Versipack is not an issue for me.

Of course, concealing my sidearm in the Maxpedition Black Mongo Versipack slows down my draw; but, a speed-draw is not an objective for me when dealing with self-protection in the urban environment; because, first and foremost, before accessing my sidearm, I am going to avoid my threat; and, if I can’t avoid my threat, I am more than trained to situate myself into a situation where I can conceal and cover myself and draw my sidearm from my Maxpedition Black Mongo Versipack in order to deal with my threat.

I still have my North Face Router back-pack; however, I only use that pack for wilderness non-urban bug-outs.  My shoulder-pack is my urban bug-out pack, and it is always with me — whether I’m wearing casual clothing or at a black-tie event, my Maxpedition Black Mongo Versipack is always with me.

Here are the urban contents I carry with me on a daily basis:



Top Compartment: pens, markers, duct tape, measuring tape, eraser, ear plugs, whistle, nail clippers, flash-drive, allergy pills, bandana, motion sickness pills, and anti-diarehha pills.


Front Flap Pocket: leather gloves, passport, and wallet.



1st Exterior Side Pocket: Klean Kanteen.  I dig Klean Kanteen products.  They are reliable and don’t stain nor keep any smells from the liquids they contain.  I’ve had this particular Klean Kanteen for over five years.  It is the 20 oz thermal size, which means it can hold hot fluids and cold fluids.


It’s held hot coffee beverages for my girlfriend (I don’t drink coffee), and iced tea beverages for me.  It contained the temperature for over eight hours, and it never held the smell of any of the beverages it contained.

It is light and durable, and it perfectly fits in my Maxpedition Black Mongo Versipack.


1st Interior Pocket: wipes, Purell, moisturizing lotion, Altoids emergency tin (e.g., safety pins, timber, ignitor, needle and thread, paper, rope, bobbie pins, binder clip, rubber bands, can opener, and bandaids), and over-night pack (e.g., razor, contact lens solution, sun protection, condoms, toothbrush, toothpaste, and etc.).



Main Compartment: emergency blanket, electronic kit (e.g., battery charger, batteries, cables, and etc.), and Eco Jeannie nylon rip-stop grocery bag.



2nd Interior Pocket:  HAM antennas for Yaesu VX-6R.



Molle Pouch: Nitecore 1000 Lumen P12GT Torch.



Molle Loop: Spyderco knife for self-protection.



Shoulder Harness Case: Energizer head-lamp.



2nd Exterior Pocket: Yaesu VX-6R.


3rd Exterior Pocket: Yaesu VX-6R charger, pig-tail, and spare battery.



4th Exterior Pocket: Fischer Space Pen.


5th Exterior Pocket: Sig Sauer P226R 9mm Black Nitron Sidearm, extra magazine loaded with 10 9mm cartridges, and 550 para-cord.


Man, I dig this groovy bad-ass sidearm!  I have 18 months of many many hours of repeated stress induced live-fire strategic combat tactical training with this weapon from law enforcement and military training experts; hence, this sidearm is a natural extension of me and become part of my personality when under live-fire.  I know the trigger movement and contact point of this weapon and feel very comfortable with it; I can tell the number of cartridges that are in the magazine-well by just picking it up (+ or – one cartridge); I know the focal point of its recoil and can compensate for it in order to execute a shot to my target under stress-induced live-fire; I know its smell from its cartridges after discharge and after I clean it; I know the feel of its body when my index finger is rested on its body before moved to the trigger; I know the proper sight-alignment and sight-picture — it is so perfect for me; and, I always have it on or near me no matter my location or event I am attending.

I haven’t had the need to draw it; but, if I had to, I am very comfortable and confident I can use it to my advantage.

My training allows me to legally conceal this wonderful sidearm in almost every state and city I visit in the continental United States.



Interior Clip: Pelican mini 1810 torch, gun-lock key, and Smith & Wesson hand-cuff key.



All that stuff nicely fits into my Maxpedition Black Mongo Versipack.


All this stuff is the bare minimum that I need to survive in an urban environment bug-out.  My training, practice, and knowledge keeps my pack small and light.

Check 6!

/s/ Alfonso Faustino (K6ASF)

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