Alfonso Faustino: Bug-out Pack: Inventory-check & Safety-check (K6ASF)

As mentioned in my previous bug-out and EDC pack BLOG, I engage with my bug-out pack on a daily basis; because, it also serves as my day-to-day work and EDC pack.

Also, I mentioned in my pervious BLOG that training keeps my pack light; because, I don’t need a lot of items. I know the way to acquire food, water, shelter, fire, and safety in an urban and wilderness environment (winter, summer, and tropics).  So, my bug-out pack isn’t gonna have tons of water and food; I will carry a bottle of water, some energy high-protein bars and that’s about it — all the other stuff I need, I can fend on my own from the environment, urban or wilderness, which I’m in and will, most likely, be in a city: San Francisco, Manhattan, or Beverly Hills.

Tonight, 16-April-2017, I conducted and inventory and safety-check on all the items in my pack.


The inventory-check consists of items currently in my bug-out pack and items that need to be replaced.  So, I check the bottles containing my fluids and make certain that bottles don’t leak and not cracked.  I make certain the fluids have not dried up or molded.

I’m using the the 28 Watt, foldable four-panel, solar panel charger now.  It’s made by Bioenno Power.  I needed a powerful transportable solar panel to charge up my HAM transceivers‘ portable battery at a fast rate while out in the field.







This solar panel can, of course, easily charge up my iPhone 7 Plus and all transportable re-chargeable batteries.


I check to see that my Sawyer water filter is still in working shape and not damaged (e.g., cracked).



I also check the battery charge with a volt-meter.  I make certain the batteries are still charged and not damaged (e.g., leak).


Recently, I completed another one-day and one-night survival training course that dealt with consuming various insects, plants, and reptiles.  I also learned more about getting hydrated from various plants and run-offs.  From this training, I learned I need to purchase more stomach medication. So, that’s on my list of items to purchase into my bug-out pack.

During my training, I also learned about a dental first-aid kit; so, that’s another thing I will add to my bug-out pack.

Safety-check includes making certain that my sleeping bag and emergency blanket aren’t damaged by sharp creases created by being stored in my pack.



I also check my sidearm (Sig Sauer P226R 9mm) to make sure it is functioning properly, well-greased, and not damaged in any way.  I check my magazine and cartridges to ensure they are free-moving and not jammed up by any debris.



I check my first-aid kit to ensure that that nothing is expired or dried up.


I also check my latex gloves to make sure the latex is still in working flexible order.


I check my compass to ensure that it is still calibrated to true north and freely moves in the appropriate direction.



I also check my paracord to make sure it is not frayed or cut.


All the items shown in this picture will go through an extensive check; and, several items will be removed due to my additional training, which I didn’t have at the time I created my bug-out pack.  Also, new items will be included since my last training.


After the inventory and safety-checks, all will be placed into my bug-out pack.


I will carry it with me, as I always do, while I do my day-to-day activities.


Check 6!

/s/ Alfonso Faustino (K6ASF)

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