Alfonso Faustino: Programming Transceivers (K6ASF)

Well, today, Thursday, 6-April-2017, @ 1150 Hours PDT, is gloomy and wet; so, my Diamond X-50 antenna coax is all coiled up and inactive until the rain passes.


A rain storm is expected to hit San Francisco this evening, which means I will be doing my HAM operations indoors rather than being outside of my penthouse deck or roof-top deck.


A few days ago, I spent about three hours entering CARLA System’s frequencies, Local PL Tones, and Link PL Tones into my Yaesu FT-857D and my Yaesu VX-6R Tri-band handheld transceiver.

That’s close to 100 frequencies I entered into one transceiver.  For two transceivers, it was close to 200 frequencies.  Here is a list of all the CARLA System frequencies, Link PLs, and Local PLs I entered into both of my transceivers in one day.


Was it worth the time, the effort, the mental strain, and the eye strain?  Hell yeah!

After I entered all these frequencies and tones into both transceivers, I experienced a situation whereby, I needed one of the repeaters while I was traveling.


I had a rehearsal in Oakland, and I brought my hand-held Yaesu VX-6R transceiver with me; and, I could not maintain the connection to CARLA System 2 in San Francisco; because, I was in Oakland, so I quickly used CARLA System 5, and I was able to increase my signal distance through that repeater.  Had I not programmed, all of CARLA’s repeaters into my hand-held transceiver, I would be restricted to simplex frequency connections; and, I don’t have a network of HAM operators that I meet with at a specific simplex for communication.


That same evening, my sister went shopping at a mall in Daly City, CA; and, once again, I brought my hand-held transceiver; and, I was able to pick and connect to the CARLA System 32, which is the Pacifica, CA repeater.

Because I programmed close to 200 frequencies and tones, I am very proficient in storing, naming, and tagging both my transceivers.

Check 6!

/s/ Alfonso Faustino (K6ASF)


  1. Hey Alfonso! Just wanted to let you know I just listened to your conversation with KG7KGE on 442.075 May 14 at ~21:40 local time. You were talking about how great it is to work for muni. I recently moved back to the city from Mountain View. I have finally made my rtl-sdr work with linux laptop couple days ago and having a blast listening. Meanwhile I am working through License Manual. Anyway, this was the first time ever I was able to understand callsigns, so I am very excited. Hope to talk to you on 70cm one day!

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    1. Howdy, Mike.

      Wow! Thanks, so much, for your kind comment. I alway enjoy learning about people, and I love to learn new stuff.

      I’m happy to read you’re back in SF — in my hi-tech days, I spend a lot of time in the Peninsula — Mountain View being one of the spots.

      That’s great about your linux laptop and listening to the conversations.

      I’m so happy you’re gonna get your license. When you pass your test, please let me know; and, I will get you integrated into the HAM network; so, you can join in the conversations and meet new people.

      Another thing I do is emergency communications. I also will be graduating from NERT. San Francisco has a big community of NERTs and training is really important thing to go through; so, if you’re interested in doing NERT, let me know. It’s a free course by the San Francisco Fire Department.

      I’m really happy you reached out to me here. Definitely keep me posted with your progress.


      /s/ Alfonso Faustino


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