Alfonso Faustino: HAM Operators Contact (K6ASF)

Since getting my license on March 2017, I found that I really enjoy the CARLA Communications Network; I enjoy the network, and I find it to be a vital communications resource in emergency and civil catastrophe situations.  I donated funds to help keep the network maintained.


I mainly monitor System 2; but, throughout the day, I will migrate to other CARLA systems, like Systems 5, 7, and 32 depending on my location.  If I’m at Eagle’s Nest, I will stay on System 32.


While on System 2, I met: Tom (N6MVT), George (W6SUV), Desmond (KC6VHG), Jim (N6MED), Wayne (K6WSA), Jack (K6VXI), Dennis (KK6QON), Steve (KM6IRL), and Mike (W6GRG).

On System 5, I met Frank (KG6NLW).

On System 7, I met Dave (WB6KHP).

My girlfriend, Melanie, lives in Oakland, so I will visit repeater WB6NDJ, which is the repeater for ORCA.  At this repeater, I met David (WB6NER), Jim (KJ6NGT), Mike (KB9EWP), and Thomas (KG6MAC).


On repeater W6TP, I met Jim (N6SSB).

On repeater WA6TOW, I met Frank (N6FG).

On simplex 147.555, I met Jeff (N2TIQ).


All of these HAM operators welcomed me into their various communications networks, and helped me with HAM questions.  I truly appreciate all their help and support.  Thank you.

Check 6!

/s/ Alfonso Faustino (K6ASF)

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