Alfonso Faustino: Eagle’s Nest: Top Of Nob Hill (K6ASF)

I always wonder about the locations of the operators with whom I meet on various frequencies; hence, I created this BLOG to show you the location from which I transmit and receive.


I affectionately call my station location: Eagle’s Nest, which is located in an area in San Francisco, which I personally call, Top Of Nob Hill.  Below, is my stats.

The featured picture, below, is the view of the Bay Bridge from an elevation of ~370 ASL: California and Mason Streets, which is about two blocks from Eagle’s Nest; and, Eagle’s Nest is an extra ~110 feet ASL from that location.  I see this view everyday and night when I do my HIIT up California Street or when I walk to my acting class.


The following pictures, below in this BLOG, are views from my penthouse, penthouse deck, and roof-top deck.  As you can see, I have an unobstructed LOS in the East (Trans America Pyramid and Bay Bridge), Northeast (Coit Tower), and North (Golden Gate Bridge) — coupled with my elevation and antenna, my signals can cover a lot of real estate.


  • FCC Call-Sign: KM6JLI
  • Operator’s Name: Alfonso Faustino
  • FRN: 0026333369
  • Amateur Station Name (Unregistered): Eagle’s Nest
  • City: San Francisco
  • State: California
  • Station District: 3: Nob Hill: AKA: Top Of Nob Hill
  • Elevation Of Station: ~480 Feet ASL (from originating base, California & Mason Streets: 370 Feet ASL to tip of antenna)
  • Unobstructed LOS: East, North East, and North
  • Transceiver: Yaesu FT-857D
  • Transceiver: Yaesu: VX-6R
  • Antennas: Diamond X-50 (mounted) or portable Rubber Duck: Comet: 146/446 MHz Dual Bander
  • Frequency Bands: 2 Meter and 70 Centimeter
  • Power Sources: Portable Battery: Bioenno Lithium Ion Phosphate or PowerWerks transformer
  • Repeater migrations throughout the day: N6MVT (CARLA: System 2), N6QOP (CARLA: System 5), WB6NDJ, WB6TCS, KB6LC, and EchoLink: CARLA: Node: 360571
  • On Air: Sporadic — no set time — whenever I can squeak out a signal.
  • Net Controls: Simplex: 147.555: NERT Battalion 6 (Tuesdays @ 2030 Hours PST/PDT): Repeater: W6TP (Tuesdays @ 1200 Hours PST/PDT) and Repeater: WB6NDJ (Thursdays @ 1930 Hours PST/PDT)
  • OPWS Siren #30: Fremont & Folsom Streets
  • Nearest Hospital: St. Francis Memorial: 900 Hyde Street
  • Nearest Police Station: Central Station: 766 Vallejo Street
  • Nearest Fire Station #41: 1325 Leavenworth Street

Unless it is raining or unbearably cold, I am transmitting and receiving at this location; hence, I’m at this location about 80% of the year.







The other 20% of the year, due to rain, I move my gear inside.


I changeout my antennas from my home-base mounted Diamond X-50 to my portable Rubber Duck: Comet: 146/446 MHz Dual Bander.  When I’m inside, I’m on the power grid and using my PowerWerks transformer.


I’m interested in seeing your HAM shack; so, feel free to send me pictures; and, if you want me to post your HAM shack in this BLOG, just let me know; and, I will.


I’m truly fortunate to have such a great nest for my HAM operations.  I’m blessed.

Check 6!

/s/ Alfonso Faustino (K6ASF)

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