Alfonso Faustino: HAM Net Control Meetings (K6ASF)

I want to contribute my skills, training, and education to the neighborhood; hence, I have been attending HAM Net Control Meetings in San Francisco and Oakland.

Every Monday at 2000 Hours PST/PDT the San Francisco Radio Club has its Net Control on repeater, W6PW (2 meters (VHF)).

Every Tuesday afternoon at 1200 Hours PST/PDT, I participate in the OPWS Net Control on repeater, W6TP (2 meters(VHF)), hosted by Jim (N6SSB).  I pay attention to Siren 30, located on Fremont and Folsom Street.  I transmit from my penthouse deck: elevation: 470 Feet ASL.  The purpose of the exercise to make sure it goes off and the messages are clear.

Also, every Tuesday evening, at 2030 Hours PST/PDT, net control NERT Bat 6 has their net control on simplex: 147.555 (2 meters (VHF)).

Every Thursday evening at 1930 Hours PST/PDT, I participate ARES and RACES Net Control on repeater, WB6NDJ (2 meters (VHF)), hosted by Joe (KJ6NGT).  After role-call, net control meeting moves to the 2 meters VHF simplex 147.585 MHz or 146.56 MHz. The purpose of the meeting is to ensure we have our comm plan in place in the event of an emergency or civil catastrophe in Oakland, CA.

If it is a nice day and evening, I will move my HAM operations outside to the penthouse roof deck.


If the weather isn’t nice, I stay in my crib.

I always prefer being outside on my penthouse deck or penthouse roof deck participating with net control, and enjoying the San Francisco and Bay Area views.


Check 6!

/s/ Alfonso Faustino (K6ASF)

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