Alfonso Faustino: Up On The Roof (K6ASF)

When I was a kid, one of the things I remember was families hanging out in front of their houses talking with neighbors and playing out on the street until an hour before bed-time. It was usually during warm days and nights in San Francisco, which took place, sporadically, throughout the year.

Anyway, today, 28-March-2017, the weather in San Francisco was awesome — sunny warm day and warm mild evening.  My sis, Irene Faustino, and I decided to hit the penthouse deck for dinner while enjoying the San Francisco view.  Our brother, Doc, came out to his deck, and he and Irene started a conversation.

At one time, Kaitlyn, who lives in the house under Grace Cathedral’s steeple, shown left of my sister in the picture, below, would come out to her deck and join in on the conversation for a 3-way.  It so much fun to have these kinds of impromptu chats — Twitter can’t beat this.


While they were talking, I was talking on my mobile phone with my buddy, John, and my girlfriend, Melanie.  Soon, I will hook up my HAM transceiver and talk with the operators in CARLA System 2.


I hope you are taking advantage of this wonderful weather and evening.  Enjoy the balance of your evening.

Check 6!

/s/ Alfonso Faustino (K6ASF)

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  1. Pete says:

    By the looks of the last photograph you have an HF antenna mounted on the roof….. enjoy it because I went from wilderness freedom of a 45 foot tower and TA-33 to nothing because I now live in a restricted apartment that doesn’t like antennas of any kind. 73 KL1HB

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    1. Hi, Pete (KL1HB)
      Thanks for your comment. Yes — you’re correct. Thank you!

      Wow — 45 Foot Tower and TA-33 — you must have made some awesome distances and contacts.

      What is you location, now?

      I live in San Francisco, and I am usually on CARLA Repeater: System 2: San Francisco.

      Let’s try to connect at a repeater near you.

      Check 6!
      /s/ Alfonso Faustino (KM6JLI)


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