Alfonso Faustino: Pelican 1520: Portable Communications Case (KM6JLI) (K6ASF)

I’m a huge fan of Pelican cases — excellent product supported by 5-star customer support.  I informed Pelican they mis-typed my name-tag.  The next day, my new corrected name-tag was shipped to me, over-night, via UPS; and, Pelican gave me a key-chain flash-light for the inconvenience — excellent product and 5-star customer service — thanks, Brian at Pelican!


I use Pelican cases for my SCUBA diving excursions; because, they are water resistant and floats — great feature when traveling on SCUBA boats.  The feature that is most important to me is the shock-resistant feature — these cases are rough and tough; and, they protect my HAM equipment: Yaesu FT-857D, Yaesu VX-6R, Power Werks Transformer, Bioenno LiFePO4 Portable Battery (BLF-1220A), Bioenno LiFe 28-watt Solar Panel, Bioenno Solar Charger Controller (SC-1224JUD), wires, power cords, and two rubber antennas.

I don’t worry about my HAM stuff when they are in my Pelican 1520: designation: Portable Communications Case: PCC.


The HAM community’s term for a portable HAM system is go-box or go-kit, but I don’t like those terms; because, to me, those terms are not specific enough.  A lay-person would not understand the term, go-box or go-kit. If I’m in a situation, and I need a lay-person to get me my HAM comm gear, and I say, “get my go-box (go-kit),” that person might need to ask me additional questions to understand the word, go-box (go-kit), even worse, that lay person might get me the wrong stuff.

I like specificity in my words; hence, for me, it’s easier for me say, “get me my HAM comm gear, which is in my yellow Pelican case.”  If I established a relationship with that person, then that person would know the meaning of PCC; hence, if I make my statement, “get me my PCC,” that person, with whom I established a relationship, would know the term,  PCC, means Portable Communications Case; and, regardless if my HAM gear is in a yellow Pelican case or my back-pack, that person would know exactly that stuff to look for, HAM comm gear, and deliver it to me, regardless if my HAM comm gear was in my yellow Pelican case or my back-pack.


So, go-box and go-kit ain’t in my vocabulary — they are not effective nor accurate terms in my realm of HAM communications.

Back to my Pelican 1520…when your order a Pelican 1520, the case comes in a cardboard box without any bubble wrap — it shouldn’t — it doesn’t need bubble-wrap — it’s a Pelican.


I ordered the yellow one for high visibility.



The latches are super-tight and the handle is comfortable for my carrying hand.  It also has an air-pressure relief valve for changes in air pressure — for example, traveling high altitude in a commercial jet.


The pick-and-pluck foam is super easy to create shapes specific to the shapes of the devices you wanna carry.



So, I picked and plucked away the foam to create the shapes for my Yaesu FT-857D, Yaesu VX-6R, and other items.



The case is perfect for all my portable comm equipment — perfect sizes by way of length, width, and depth.



If needed or wanted, I can easily operate my Yaesu FT-857D right out of the case.


After I’m done, I disassemble the Yaesu FT-857D, and I lock it up until I get to my destination.


I use this case mainly for my air travels; or, for travels that require me to store my comm gear during transportation.


If I’m gonna do a leisurely walk in San Francisco, New York City, or Beverly Hills and not stop to set up my HAM comm gear, I use my Eddie Bauer PCB.  If I’m gonna be at a place that I need to set up my HAM comm gear, then I use my Pelican 1520 PCC.


Now, I have the perfect bag and case from all my HAM comm needs.

If you’re in the market for a case that will protect your HAM comm gear, check out Pelican.

/s/ Alfonso Faustino (KM8ASF)