Alfonso Faustino: Kokkari Estiatorio Restaurant: Pisces Birthday Dinner

If you ever make it to San Francisco and craving Greek Mediterranean food, check out Kokkari Estiatorio Restaurant, located at 200 Jackson Street, San Francisco, CA — it is known as, Kokkari.

The food is awesome — perfectly seasoned, perfectly cooked, beautifully plated, impressive menu, awesome service, warm, welcoming, comfortable ambiance, healthy portions, and reasonably priced.

My family loves this restaurant; hence, for my sister, Irene Faustino, and my brother’s (Doc (Dr. Charles Scott, M.D.)) birthday, we took them to Kokkari.


My good acquaintance, Frank Gallo, provided excellent recommendations for dinner.


Also in the line-up was my acting instructor and good acquaintance, Peter Allas.


Both of them made sure my mum, sister, brother, and girlfriend were cared for while dining at their venue.

Mel, my girlfriend, ordered the halibut, my brother, Doc, ordered the spit-roasted Napa lamb, my mum order the lamb heart, liver, and kidney kabob, and my sister and I ordered the lamb shank.


After the appetizers and entrees, Frank sent over the birthday desserts for my sister and Doc.


All the food was absolutely splendid; and, we all had a great time.

Happy Birthday, Irene and Doc!

I thank God for my family: mum, sister, brother, and girlfriend.  I’m truly blessed to be able to have these types of experiences in my life.

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