Alfonso Faustino: My Crib In San Francisco

My acting career has me traveling back and forth from my crib in San Francisco to Southern California.  I keep a crib in Beverly Hills and New York City (Manhattan); but, my crib in San Francisco is my home — yeah, Manhattan is a real close second — in fact, if I didn’t have San Francisco, I would definitely make Manhattan my primary residence. Beverly Hills…eh? Not a big fan; but, I stay there because of film projects.  Well, this BLOG is about my crib in San Francisco.


Today is Monday, 13-March-2017, and I am in my penthouse deck enjoying the warm clear evening and my views of San Francisco’s skyline.  This is my favorite part for the day — Day-light Savings sunset.  I am facing East; and, the golden San Francisco sun is beginning to set behind me casting golden lumens to the east and the San Francisco skyline.  Beautiful!


The sun is pretty much gone, and San Francisco’s skyline begins to light up to prepare for the darkness.  I will stay here until 2200 hours PDT taking it all in and snapping pictures on my iPhone 7 Plus.


As I look Northeast, I see a cargo ship entering the San Francisco Bay and approaching Coit Tower.  I support the US Navy, and when the aircraft carriers, frigates, and battleships enter the San Francisco Bay, I am elated by the powerful and beautiful power or our military strength!


By the time the cargo ship passes Coit Tower and approaches the Bay Bridge, San Francisco transitions into its night-look — beautiful!  It still changing to dark.


It’s now 2120 Hours PDT; and, San Francisco completed its night-look.  I am mesmerized by this view.  The night is so warm and clear.  Beautiful!


As I look to the south, I see the Grace Cathedral steeple; and, I thank God for the wonderful and beautiful San Francisco evening.

If I want to, I can get sleep in front of this view and wake up to watch it all over again

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