Alfonso Faustino: My Love For Sidearms: Sig Sauer


I love sidearms (short guns (e.g., pistols: AKA: handguns)).  My favorite gun manufacturer is Sig Sauer; and, my favorite sidearm is my trustworthy Sig Sauer P226R.

Yes, I support the Second Amendment.  I believe in criminal control — I don’t believe in gun control; though, I DO believe in REASONABLE gun laws; and, I definitely don’t believe firearms manufacturers should be named in a lawsuit by gun shot victims — that’s unreasonable and stupid.  If an owner of a Toyota hits and kills a pedestrian, should Toyota be named in a lawsuit for the death of that pedestrian?  Absolutely not — same holds true with firearms manufacturers.

People kill people; and, those that kill people, use many tools, which includes guns among a variety of other tools: knives, bats, airplanes, cars, and so on.

Guns don’t kill people — people do.  If you don’t believe me, place an unloaded gun on the table, and leave it alone. Watch the gun…walk in front of the barrel…did the gun, by its own energy, will, volition, and intent adjusted its barrel towards you?  Did the gun move the trigger back to activate its hammer on its own will, intent, energy, and volition?

So, unless you tell me otherwise, that gun, which you laid on the table, didn’t move at all; hence, once again, the saying that “guns kill people” is unequivocally laughable, untrue, and nothing but stupid asinine political propaganda created by politicians blaming guns for the criminal behaviors of people.  Why?  So, corrupt and dishonest politicians, like Former California Senator and Convicted Felon, Leland Yee, can get elected into office.


I actively promote responsible and safe sidearms ownership to those in my social networks.  I explain to those around me that owning a sidearm is an important tool for self-protection; and, like any tool, if not used properly, can negligently create damage, injury, and death. Because I address and acknowledge their fears and concerns of sidearms and couple their fears and concerns with reason, logic, safety, and necessity, they listen.

Once they listen, then a reasonable discussion takes place.  When reason is added to the formula of a discussion, then the possibility of common sense change takes place; and, when this occurs, then people are able to think and evaluate the circumstances for themselves and make reasonable, common sense, and educated decisions on their own and not be swayed by ignorant and corrupt politicians, like Former California Senator and Convicted Felon, Leland Yee.

Through these discussions, people in my social networks across the United States  overcame and overturned many of the crazy gun laws in their states.  This has been a huge win for me and them.

Four months ago, December 2016, I spoke to 10 people residing in the San Francisco Bay Area about the importance of owning a sidearm.  All 10 of those people purchased sidearms and became more educated about using sidearms in California.  Now, like I, they fervently find ways to protect their Second Amendment rights and work towards sensible and reasonable gun laws — not gun control.

For me, reasonable discussions about sidearms to a small group of people is invaluable; because, they will talk to those in their social circles about sidearm ownership; and, the growth of gun ownership will increase and so will the support and protection of the Second Amendment.  As the number of gun ownership continues to grow, we can sway the way laws are written about guns.

In my discussions with people, over the past three years, I have successfully converted 101 people in my social circles across the United States from being afraid of sidearms to being proficient, safe, and responsible sidearms owners.  Before they met me, they were anti-guns.  Now, after they met me and had common sense and reasonable discussions about sidearms, they have become active in protecting their Second Amendment rights.

Several of those 101 people I talked to have been active in voting against existing gun-control laws and working with gun organizations and their local congress and senate representatives in fighting for their rights of sidearm ownership, self-protection, and their Second Amendment rights.


Today, 15-March-2017, I introduced the joys of sidearms at the shooting range to a new group of people: three women. Now, they have a new healthy position of understanding sidearms. One of the three women I introduced the joys of sidearms is Laura; and, she loved it so much that she purchased my second favorite sidearm: Sig Sauer P239.  Robert, Diana’s boyfriend, shown in the picture above, also a sidearm enthusiast, is an amazing artist — I love his work, and I admire his shooting skills with his revolver.  He joined in on the fun and helped Diana with her shooting skills.


Laura is a natural shooter.  Her first day at the range and first time shooting her brand new P239 were awesome.  She had nice grouping at 8 yards — awesome shooting for her first time out and first time discharging her new weapon.


Diana had a great time discharging my Sig Sauer P226R.  She is considering the purchase of a sidearm.  Of course, I will recommend the Sig Sauer P239 for her as I did with Laura.


My girlfriend, Mel, did a swell job discharging my Sig Sauer P226R.  She was once anti-guns; now, she understands the joys and values of sidearms; though, she is still not interested in purchasing one.


I recommended the Sig Sauer P239 to Laura; and, it seems to be a perfect match.  She is rock steady with just the proper amount of flexibility in her discharging of her new weapon at 8 yards away.  Look at that combat grip — perfect!


I’m helping my girlfriend, Mel, with her combat grip with my Sig Sauer P226R.


One of my interests and goals have been to introduce the importance of sidearms to women.  Women are targets; hence, they need to know the values of owning a sidearm to protect themselves from harmful activities against them when out in public or alone in their homes.

Are guns dangerous? No.  People without proper education and training are dangerous when interacting with a gun.

So, I will continue with my efforts to educate people about the values and joys of owning a sidearm; and, I hope, in time, we will be able to effectuate reasonable and sound gun laws while protecting our Second Amendment rights.

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