Alfonso Faustino: 2017 Is Off To A Great Start


Today, 10-February-2017, I met up with my manager, Jeffrey Allard, to discuss my booking for one feature film, which shoots in Ireland on 17-April-2017, called, Don’t Leave Home.


Also, I will be auditioning for a feature film, called, LuLu Land, which shoots in California in March 2017. Presently, it’s in pre-production, as the script is being re-written for quality.  The synopsis sounds interesting.

In 2015, I shot a feature film called, A Beginner’s Guide To Snuff, and my manager mentioned that it will be showing in several theaters in the United States and on Netflix this year.


I became a full-time working SAG-AFTRA actor about three years ago.  I’ve been investing in films for over 10 years.  I’m working hard at my craft as an actor — focusing strictly on feature films — I’m not really interested in television — I’ve always liked the characteristics and activities of a feature film.  All seems to be going well — slowly but surely until now…things picked up pretty fast for the first quarter of 2017. These film projects are three big wins for me.

I’m really looking forward to shooting, Don’t Leave Home, in Dublin, Ireland, on April 2017.  My girlfriend, Mel, will join me on set; and, it will shoot for four weeks — about a month.  The lead roles will have two well-known actors and actresses.


I keep tugging along to auditions in Los Angeles; and I’m always creating my own feature film projects with people I met on-set in order to create my own path, both, as an actor, film investor, and film producer.  It’s my passion, and I really dig it.

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