Alfonso Faustino: Why Wouldn’t I believe In God?

I always enjoy conversations with people that ask me, “Why do you believe in God?”  Well, in my experiences on earth, I retort with a question, “Why wouldn’t I believe in God?”  I also say, “and, yes, Jesus Christ is the Son Of God, He is God, and I believe in Him, too — not because of 12 years of catholic school; but, because, I experienced His presence in my life, which is the biggest blessing in my life of all!”

In my lifetime, the Trinity saved me from death 💀 six times:

– Racing Ferrari #1 on the track behind a Porsche that lost his right rear axel and tire and missing my windscreen by 18 inches while I was driving at 120 MPH (I was at the Porsche’s 5 o’clock position),

– Speeding on the freeway in my Porsche 911 Cabriolet and almost wiping out on the guard rail to avoid a stalled car,

– Avoided skiing off a cliff, by inches, in Aspen, Colorado, during an extreme ski trip,

– Falling off a cliff and grabbing onto a root of a tree to stop my fall and climbing back to the top in Lake Tahoe, Nevada,

– A bullet missing my head by inches and striking the person in font of me in Richmond, California (the sound of the bullet whizzing by my head still rings clear), and

– Almost getting killed in Ferrari #2 on the way to Beverly Hills, California.

The Trinity has always been there to make sure I landed on my feet with each experience. He always guided me through tough times; so, how can I not believe in God?

Worries in life? I have none. I’m in excellent health (physically, mentally, and spiritually) — I’m not on any medication and never needed to see a shrink — I don’t believe in the practices of psychiatrists and psychologists; and, I believe most mental and behavioral conditions are remedied with the acknowledgement of the problem and the strength and discipline to work through the problem without medication.  I have hope and wisdom, which are two of the many blessings He’s given to me that I treasure the most — both those blessings kept me impervious to worries and provided me with my PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) to work out any challenges in my life; so, how can I not believe in God?

Regrets in life? I proudly take ownership for all things I’ve said, wrote, and done in my entire life. So, I have no regrets — okay, I purchased several thousand shares of AAPL stock at $129 per share two years ago, without any PUTs, and I’m down $8 per share.  The positive part of this situation is I own the stock; so, its not an option contract; hence, I am not affected by the passage of time.  I’m hopeful in two years AAPL will be worth more than $125 per share.  If I purchased option contracts, I would be royally screwed — so, I don’t regret this particular situation neither; so, how can I not believe in God?

I’m way too selfish to have kids; so, He blessed me with girlfriends, past and new, who weren’t interested in being mums.  My Rolex is the only clock I use; and, the only clock the women I’ve dated used, past and new, is the clock on their iPhones.  I have no need for any other clocks in my life — big thanks in this blessing — phew😅🎉! So, how can I not believe in God?

For me, heaven and hell aren’t places after death; for me, heaven is having Him in my life here on earth — hell is His absence from my life here on earth. I don’t know what happens after death nor do I care — I don’t buy into that whole catholic stuff of white fluffy clouds for heaven and red hot fire for hell. My philosophy of “heaven is on earth” is one of the many elements that drives my quest for success and helps me get my goals — making my mark on earth — living my heaven under my and His terms here on earth.  Moreover, I’ve been blessed to be free of organized religion, such as, catholicism; so, how can I not believe in God?

It’s a miracle I am still alive today to celebrate His Son’s birth; and, it’s a miracle I have the worry-free lifestyle I have as an aspiring struggling actor, whose 2016 taxable earnings, as a struggling aspiring actor, will be $300 (three hundred dollars) 😂; BUT, as an actor in 2016, my acting skills advanced 100 times — I’m a better actor.  I kicked ass, in my acting abilities, in Yellow Face — that’s the real blessing; so, how can I not believe in God?

Happy birthday, Christ, and thanks, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost for everything in my life thus far.

There you have it…several reasons that support my belief in God through my life-experiences.