Alfonso Faustino: My Journey As A Working Actor

On-location filming: I play a father: August 2016.

I am an actor; whether I’m on television, film, or on stage, I am an actor — it is not just a career for me, but it is something that is designed into my person, and I love and need to act.  I act with passion and a yearning desire to learn more and more about my craft.

Waiting for directions before the take.

 Acting has been a part of my life that has stayed with me since the beginning of my time — I vividly remember babbling to my parents at around 3 years old of wanting to be John Wayne.  He was the first actor I saw on television.  My father and I were watching television, and a John Wayne film came on.  My father said, “John Wayne.”  I remember being glued to the television — I was so entranced by John Wayne riding his horse, shooting his gun, wearing his badge, and wearing a white scarf — well, his scarf looked white to me; because, color televisions weren’t around until several years later during my childhood.

July 2016: On-set and hanging out with the lighting and boom guys before getting called to my mark.

My father, seeing my interest in John Wayne, bought me a horse-broomstick and a cowboy kit.  The kit had a silver plastic badge, a vinyl gun belt with two holsters and two plastic guns.  The belt carried silver plastic bullets.  The horse-broomstick had a toy horse’s head at one end of the broomstick. He gave these to me after he got home from work the next day after seeing the John Wayne film on television.  I was elated.

I dig this make-up artist.  Really cool chick! August 2016.

I put them all on, but I needed two more items before I could be John Wayne: white scarf and a cowboy hat.  So, I ran into my mother’s closet, and I saw her white silk scarf and her garden hat (I used it as my cowboy hat); I pulled them both down and put them on — I was complete.

I don’t like wearing make-up on-set; so, the make-up artist is putting stuff on my face to get the shine off. August 2016.

I ran out to the living room and grabbed my horse-broomstick; and, I ran to the backyard and began to ride and pretend I was going after all the bad guys with my horse.  I brought my horse and wore my cowboy outfit everywhere I went: to the park, grocery store, and so on.  Fortunately, I never grew out of that childhood; hence, that little three year old version of me is flourishing today at my present age.  Because of that little child in me, I can learn anything I want to learn, and I passionately put on the mind-set and costume that help me create any character I  am paid to create and give to life.

August 2016: hanging out with the writer and director in-between shots.

Presently, I am a student at The Beverly Hills Playhouse in San Francisco; and, my acting instructors are Rob Zimmerman and Peter Allas for the past three years.  Through their instruction and guidance, I am a better and stronger actor.

I am more confident; and, I can immediately execute directions from a director; or, I can self-direct myself and give options to the director in the event he or she is unclear of the type of character they want for a scene.

Dressing room with my iPhone and listening to tunes before changing and hitting show-time: David Henry Hwang’s, Yellow Face: September 2016.

Through Rob and Peter’s training, I can play ANY role with conviction; however, they focused most of my casting to the following characters:

  • ruthless, money-driven, emotionally-detached loner (e.g., Gordon Gekko: Wall Street)
  • debonair lovable rogue bachelor with a witty sense of humor (e.g., Ryan Bingham: Up In The Air)
  • mild-mannered, lovable, and funny neurotic control freak (e.g., Felix Unger: The Odd Couple)

I accurately follow directions; and, when needed or requested of me, I offer options to the director regarding behaviours:

Clapper on-location filming my scene. August 2016.

Most importantly, Rob and Peter trained me to be “director-proof,” which means I can create my own characters with little or no direction or with little or no preparation when on a film-set or on stage.

I may not be a well-known actor in SAG-AFTRA; but, I will tell you this, without equivocation, I am not afraid to act in order to tell you a story on stage or on film– with or without direction from the director without any of my internal filters.

I am always learning to better my skills as an actor; I can create characters I play with conviction and specificity that I hope will bring the audience with me, as I tell them the story I was hired to tell.

For these reasons, I am one of the BEST professional actors in the field today.

Below, are three books that I constantly read to help me better my acting skills:

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