Alfonso Faustino: My first paycheck as a stage-actor

My first paycheck, as a stage actor, from Firescape Theatre’s production of David Henry Hwang’s, Yellow Face: 3-November-2016.  I’ve been paid a lot more from my television and feature film projects; but, this is my first paycheck as a theatre actor; and, right now, it means more to me than any other paycheck I received in my entire career.

When I returned back home yesterday, 3-November-2016, I received an article in my mailbox.  Normally, I just rip envelopes up without opening them; because, I know, through all the pieces of mail I get in my mailbox, the ones I don’t need to open, which goes from my mailbox, to my hands, and straight to the recycling bin without my eyes ever glancing at them.

I got this piece of mail from Wells Fargo Bank.  I don’t use their credit card; hence, I knew it wasn’t a bill; and, I was about to rip it in half and dump it in the recycling along with the other junk; but, I didn’t; so, I opened it up; and, it was my very first paycheck as a theatre actor.

As mentioned in my previous BLOGs, I am in David Henry Hwang’s, Yellow Face; I didn’t expect to get paid for my performance, but I was pleasantly surprised.

So, yesterday, was a very big WIN for me…my first paycheck as a theatre actor…I am truly grateful for my blessed life!  Thank you, Trinity!

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