Alfonso Faustino: iPhone 7 Plus: It’s All About The Camera

October 2016: iPhone 7 Plus: no flash.

I upgraded my Apple iPhone 6S Plus to the Apple iPhone 7 Plus because of the new camera.  In fact, that would be the only reason, in my opinion, to upgrade from the iPhone 6S Plus to the iPhone 7 Plus.  So, was the upgrade in the camera worth it?

My issue with mobile phone cameras, specifically the Apple iPhones, is its ability to capture night-shots and low-level-light-shots with little or no pixelation or grainy effects.  During the day, the iPhones do well — the pictures are clear and does not suffer any pixelation.

So, I tested my night-shots with my new Apple iPhone 7 Plus with the zoom set a 4.0; and, I am very pleased with the results.  I did not use a tripod; so, the anti-shake feature in the iPhone 7 Plus was pretty darn great.  Here are some pictures I took from my penthouse in San Francisco, California.


This is Grace Cathedral with is a block away from my house.  I don’t like the religious personnel in this organization; but, I do dig the architecture.  I go on evening walks, and I always walk by this cathedral.

The following two shots are from my kitchen window — they are of Coit Tower. I took these shots with my Apple iPhone 7 Plus with the zoom set to 8.0.

Tonight, 7-November-2016, @ 2300 Hours PST, I decided to enjoy a walk on my block in this warm Monday evening.  I took this picture of my block without the flash and without zoom on my Apple iPhone 7 Plus.

From the same distance of the first picture, I zoomed to 3.4 on my iPhone 7 Plus.

I also find the night-shot pictures on the iPhone 7 Plus are less grainy than those taken with my iPhone 6S Plus when properly set.

Now, for the Portrait feature.  The portrait feature is at beta level; so, it is a bit quirky, as you can see with the picture, below.  The portrait feature, at times, cannot adjust to blur out the background without my manipulation of the spacing and lighting of the iPhone 7 Plus in relation to the yellow cup; hence, the picture, below, isn’t properly blurred out in the background of the yellow cup.

After several adjustments of my spacing and the iPhone 7 Plus’s lens and lighting focus, the portrait feature finally kicked in, and the effects are stunning.  So, the portrait feature still needs some work.

I see no appreciable differences between the iPhone 6S Plus and iPhone 7 Plus when lighting is abundant.  The pictures, below, were taken by my iPhone 7 Plus, and I didn’t see any appreciable difference of the same picture taken with my iPhone 6S Plus. The iPhone 7 Plus zoom for the picture of the Trans America Pyramid, below, was set at 3.4.

I did not use the zoom feature on the iPhone 7 Plus in the two pictures, below.

When the light is limited, I can see the iPhone 7 Plus’s ability to capture a better picture than the iPhone 6S Plus under the same circumstances.  The picture, below, was taken with my iPhone 7 Plus.

I still don’t know the way Apple can blow up those iPhone 6 mobile phone pictures to a print without pixelation…the more I enlarge my own iPhone 7 Plus pictures the more the pixels show…hmm…I’m calling shenanigans on Apple — they must be digitally altering the pictures.

12-November-2016, @ 0240 Hours PST:

I decided to take a picture of the moon using ProCamera; because, using the resident iPhone 7 Plus camera software (iOS 10.1) doesn’t allow for sufficient camera adjustments for aperture and shutter speed.  The shot is a little bit blurry; because, I did not use a tri-pod — if I did, the shot would be tons better; but, the picture, below, of the moon wasn’t all that bad.  The zoom feature in the iPhone 7 Plus’s camera is definitely an added benefit over the iPhone 6S Plus.

So, is it worth it to upgrade from the iPhone 6S Plus to the iPhone 7 Plus?

In my opinion, yes — the benefits of the zoom and the portrait are definitely well-added features, that, when working properly, definitely add new and compelling effects to pictures that definitely catches eyes on any Instagram gallery.

In addition to the new camera features to the iPhone 7 Plus, I enjoy the stereo-sound speakers and the extended battery life; but, those are analysis for a different BLOG.

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