Alfonso Faustino: I’m a Liberal-republican & Conservative-democrat

All my properties, San Francisco, Manhattan, and Beverly Hills have views.  My favorite is my penthouse view of San Francisco, California.

An acquaintance of mine met up with me for lunch, and we were talking about politics. She asked me about my political views.  I told her I was a republican since I was 18 years old; but, this year, September 2016, I dumped the republican party and became an independent — not the American Independent party, but an independent that holds the status of no party preference (NPP).  I do not belong to any political parties.  In a nut-shell, I’m a liberal-republican and a conservative-democrat. “What does that mean?,” she asked.

Well, it means keeping the democrats out of my wallet; and, keeping the republicans out of my bedroom.  To break it down, I am fiscally conservative; I support the 2nd Amendment, strong military, nuclear power, strong homeland security, law enforcement, stronger borders, deportation of illegal people in America, overhauling the tax system so that it is equal to all taxpayers, and I support capitalism.  I support same-sex marriage; and, I believe all Americans are entitled to affordable premium healthcare.

While I personally do not believe in abortion, I support a woman’s right to choose abortion, as long as it is done immediately after knowing she is pregnant; I also don’t believe society should pay for the abortion — she should pay for it out of her own funds.

I don’t believe in socialism nor do I believe in political parties that use their religious beliefs as bullets to condemn and judge others — in my life experience and philosophy, religion has no presence in politics and vice-versa.  No one speaks for God; and, I, as a Christian catholic, extend my assertion, “no one speaks for God,” to the pope, as well.  This is one of the main reasons I dropped the republican party — they wove their christian beliefs into their political platform; and, yet, they behave the opposite of the religion they follow — like catholics and other organized christian religions, they are hypocrites; and, I disdain hypocrites as much I as disdain socialism and socialists.
The libertarian party seems to have a lot of political principles that make sense to me even though I don’t belong to their party.
So, there you have it, I’m a liberal-republican and a conservative-democrat. Capisce?

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