Alfonso Faustino: He Is All I Need

For people that know me well, they know I have a healthy passionate faith and love in the Lord Jesus Christ, God The Father, and The Holy Spirit, whom I refer to as the Trinity.  I mention healthy passionate faith; because, in my relationship with the Trinity, the lessons He taught me on my ongoing journeys with Him are exclusive to me; and, I know that His way for me doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be His way for you; hence, I don’t judge other people’s way of worship; I don’t judge their points of view on their beliefs of God; I don’t impose my belief on others; and, I don’t use God as a bullet nor do I speak for Him.  I do as my father, Clint Eastwood, and Oprah Winfrey do: “I mind my own business and stay in my own lane.”  If you initiate my take on a spiritual issue, I’m more than happy to have that discussion with you — otherwise, I mind my own business and stay in my own lane.

I was raised as a catholic; and, within the past five years, I broke out of following catholicism and focused my time and energy in following the Trinity.  In my experiences, it’s easy to be a catholic; but, it is extremely difficult and challenging to follow the ways of the Trinity on a day-to-day basis.

I’ve always worn a crucifix…it started at the age of 12 years old…my mum gave me a 14kt gold chain with a 14kt gold crucifix that originated from Italy.  The only times I can remember taking it off my neck was for haircuts and when I got my tonsil out at 19 years old.  I still have that chain and crucifix; but, recently, about three years ago, I replaced them with the one shown in the picture of this BLOG.

When I was 23 years old, I was at an event; and, a woman came up to me.  She said to me as she touched my crucifix, “He is all you need.”  I said, “yes.”  When I affirmed her statement, I cognitively understood her statement; but, I really didn’t understand her statement as I do today.  It took me about 24 years to really believe, feel, see, and hear the weight and significance of her statement.

Today, her statement resides deep in my heart, mind, and soul; and, her statement is closer to me than the crucifix I wear.  Every single day, her face and words play on the film screen in my mind’s cinema.

When I gave up catholicism five years ago, I asked God to teach and guide me His ways — not the ways of the church.

He sent the Holy Spirit into my life; and, the Holy Spirit made His presence known to me in both tangible and intangible signs in my life.  I didn’t realize it at the time it was happening; but, as I look back at the beginning of my journey with God, the Holy Spirit was preparing my heart, mind, body, and soul for the arrival of The Lord Jesus Christ into my life.

Before Christ would arrive into my life, the Holy Spirit had to prep me for Christ’s arrival.  The Holy Spirit, within the past five years, guided me away for holding man’s world above God’s world — man’s ways is not God’s ways; and, God’s ways supersedes anything that man does, believe, or say.

All the stuff that I held important, as a human being living on earth, such as, but not limited to, job status, educational accomplishments, social status, financial status, judicial and legal systems, and material possessions, all had to be aligned in a proper manner, perspective, and priority before Christ would enter my life.

I had to stop worshipping all these things above God; because, I placed them unknowingly above God and worshipped them above Him.  So, in five years, the Holy Spirit trained my mind and heart to veer away from worshipping my material possessions, social status, job status, financial status, and material possessions.

Now, presently, after five years of aligning my life and changing my focus to God as my Number 1, I have a healthy appreciation for these items as they apply to my relationship with the Trinity — I shifted my focus to placing the Trinity above all I do.

After getting rid of a lot of my material possessions and people that distracted me from placing my focus on prioritizing the Trinity in my life, I was guided to read the entire bible cover to cover — from 14-January-2014 to 6-June-2014.  I read the entire bible; and, it was during this time, I felt the presence of my Savior, The Lord Jesus Christ, teaching and guiding me.  Things I didn’t understand directly from Him, he would guide me to one of His followers for guidance — at times, He would guide me to a song, a film, or a book, and I would get His message.

Through my readings of the bible, He taught me the ways of His Father; hence, I don’t believe the bible as a rule-book nor operating manual — I believe the bible to be a story-book that reveals the way God wants to be loved and respected.

I believe His messages are timeless and timely, such as not murdering people; however, the way people lived back in the days of the Old and New Testaments and the way they worshipped God, for the most part, are outdated and have little or no relevance in my relationship with the Trinity and the way I worship Him, such as putting blood around my door during passover.

Even though the people and places in the bible cannot be proven scientifically or historically, I don’t care — that’s not the stuff I look for when reading the bible; rather, all I care about is learning the Trinity’s messages and lessons.

Bottom line is I don’t take the bible literally; rather, I look for lessons and messages in the bible that reveals God’s message to me for my life at this point in time.

I don’t follow nor am I concerned about knowing the 10 Commandments; Christ taught me there are only three commandments I must follow:

– Love God with all my heart, mind, and soul above all else,

– Love and treat others as I would like to be loved and treated; and,

– Never speak poorly of the Holy Spirit for this is blasphemy — a sin that will never be forgiven.

So, as a result of leaving the catholic church, I learned about these three commandments as being the core foundation to God; and, now, they are the core foundations to my life; and, I strive to attain these three goals each minute of the day — in my experiences, following these three commandments are much tougher than following the rules of the catholic church: mass every Sunday, penance, don’t eat meat on Fridays, blah, blah, blah — easy peasy — I did that from first grade through college while being asleep.

Following Christ’s three commandments on a minute-by-minute basis in both mind and body…hell, that’s when the rubber meets the road — don’t believe me…you try it for one hour while you’re at work, school, or in an argument with someone: Don’t lie for the entire day; offer an olive branch to a person whom you view as your enemy and wish him or her well in your thoughts; be tolerant to those around you; keep your thoughts as you would believe Christ to have His thoughts… I bet doing these things for a day won’t be so easy for you.  It took me two years to offer an olive branch to one of my adversaries; but, when I did, I tell you, I learned more about myself and The Trinity through that experience than all my 18 years of being a catholic — I grew leaps and bounds from that experience.

Don’t get me wrong…I’m sure there’s tons…ok, a few catholics out there that have a true and intrinsic desire to follow God’s will and righteousness after mass ends on a Sunday; however, I’ve yet to meet one — most catholics I met hit the one-hour Sunday mass at church; and, the moment mass ends, they are flipping another driver off, because that driver accidentally cut that Sunday Holy Roller off in the church parking lot.

Check this catholic out…my ex-childhood friend is a holier than thou catholic…the night before his wedding, he cheated on his fiancé…with one of his groomsman; 18 months after being married, he cheats on his wife with a co-worker, prior to his marriage, he cheated on almost every person he dated, then he has the audacity to preach to me and my sister about living a forthright life-style — this is a common theme for 99% of the catholics I met and grew up with; and, for this reason, I punched out of being a practicing catholic — bunch of hypocrites — Ha — don’t get me started with the catholic priests — check out the film, Spotlight.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely flawed with sins; but, if there is one thing I AM NOT…is a hypocrite — I disdain hypocrites more than any single thing in this world; and, catholics, like my ex-childhood friend, are some of the biggest ones living on this planet.  Oh, and I disdain progressives, socialists, and liberals; but, that’s for another BLOG.

I believe those that preach God’s word, such as, be not limited to, pastors and priests, are the biggest hypocrites I have EVER met — whenever money is involved, the chances of hypocrisy makes its way into the door.  Why?  Well, because with the presences of money in a church, relationships with people in that church become political; hence, God mentions,  “you can only worship one master,” and churches will always worship money.

Well, as you read this BLOG, it is still difficult for me to follow Christ’s commandments, as you can see from reading my thoughts about the catholic church and catholics — hell, I’m doing my best though; and, really, I was a lot worse three years ago.

Okay, enough…let me get back on point…so, through my journey with Christ, I learned to surrender myself to the will and righteousness of His Father — above all else in my life — above my family, friends, and myself.

Through my journey with Christ, He taught me the way for me to pray to His Father: “my Father already knows all that you need, desire, and want; hence, you need not pray for those things; He will determine all that is best for you; therefore, when you pray, you should only pray to thank Him, ask for His forgiveness; AND, pray so that you FOLLOW HIS will and righteousness of you, then silence yourself and listen to Him — that’s it.”

Years later, I finally learned from the woman I met when I was 23 years old — you are absolutely on point — “He is all [I] need.”


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