Alfonso Faustino: Eric Bogosian’s, Talk Radio: My First Play

When I retired from Corporate America to pursue my acting career, one of my many goals, as an actor, was to perform in a play — a live stage performance.  I auditioned for two plays, and I didn’t get the part.


I didn’t give up; at my third attempt, I auditioned for Talk Radio.  I didn’t get the part.  So, I moved on to continue my work in SAG-AFTRA feature films.


I was working on my first major feature film called, The Beginner’s Guide To Snuff.  I was in the process of wrapping that project up and started to audition for other parts in other feature film projects in Los Angeles.

I got a call from the director, Robert Zimmerman.  He told me that the actor that beat me out of the part in Talk Radio backed out of the play; and, Robert offered the part to me.  I didn’t care that I was his second choice — all I cared about is that I really dig this play and the character of which I auditioned; so, I was elated at the time I received the call from Robert and I unequivocally accepted the part.

From 22-February-2015 to present, all the actors and production team have been rehearsing Monday through Friday from 0630 hours – 1100 hours.

Talk Radio is my first play; and, I’m truly blessed to have this opportunity to play a significant part in this play.

Here are the details of Talk Radio:

Opening Night:

Date: 27-March-2015

Time: 2000 Hours PDT

Location: 414 Mason Street, Fifth Floor, San Francisco, California


Every Friday and Saturday Evenings: 2000 Hours PDT and Every Sunday Afternoon: 1400 hours, through 18-April-2015.

Location: 414 Mason Street, Fifth Floor, San Francisco, California

Director: Robert Zimmerman

Producers: Brittany Fritz & Ashley Nichols

Presented By: Beverly Hills Playhouse: San Francisco

Written By: Eric Bogosian

Radio Station Set Construction: Rick Allan

Wardrobe: Annie Simmermon

Sound Technician: Josh Thies

Light Technician: William “BJ” Bryant

Stage Manager: William “BJ” Bryan


Barry: Peter Allas (Seinfeld and Spiderman 2)

Linda: Alison Kawa

Stu: Rick Alan

Dan: Alfonso Faustino

Sid: Robert Shepard, Esquire

Bernie: Josh Thies

Kent: Edwin Ortiz

Dr. Fleming: Heather Cross

Spike: William “BJ” Bryant


Amanda Chiappari

Josh Thies

Edwin Ortiz

Robert Shepard, Esquire

Heather Cross

Megummi Smisson

Alison Kawa

Toby Clark, Esquire

Alfonso Faustino

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