Alfonso Faustino: David Henry Hwang’s, Yellow Face

Yellow Face premiers on 23-September-2016, at 2000 Hours PDT, at the Beverly Hills Playhouse Theatre, located at 414 Mason Street, Fifth Floor, San Francisco, CA.  It is a thought-provoking, comedic, and prophetic play written by Tony-award Winner, David Henry Hwang, and directed by Jeffrey Sun of Beverly Hills Play House and Firescape Theatre. You can get your tickets here: Firescape Theatre.

25-September-2016: Friends, Family, and crew pose for a picture on opening weekend of David Henry Hwang’s, Yellow Face.

If you can’t make opening night, 23-September-2016, at 2000 Hours PDT, then you can view it Friday and Saturday nights at 2000 Hours PDT, Sunday afternoons at 1400 Hours PDT, from 24-September through 30-October-2016, at 414 Mason Street, 5th Floor, San Francisco, CA.

Roman Moretti, Yuliya Kutsopey, Jennii Vo Le, and Duncan Heath pose for a post-show picture on opening weekend.

You can get your tickets here: Firescape Theatre.

Enjoy the show!

Yellow Face Cast Rehearsing at Firescape Theatre

Roman Moretti, Jeffrey Sun, and John Pendergast rehearsing the closing scene.

So, how does the cast know all those lines and when to move?

Krista Muir, Jennifer Vo Le, and Roman Moretti taking director notes, which will be implemented into the future performances.

Practice, practice, and more practice every morning, from 0700-1100 hours, Monday through Friday. The cast has been rehearsing each line, scene, and movement for over a month before opening night, 23-September-2016.

Krista Muir memorizing lines from the script.

Of course, the daily rehearsals at Firescape Theatre don’t stop there; the cast puts countless hours of their own time, outside of rehearsals, to get their lines memorized and study the notes the director gave them in order to carve out the best character behaviors and actions for each scene in the play.

Roman Moretting and Jennifer Vo Le rehearsing a Marcus and Leah scene.

The actors you see in this play fought hard to get their parts — they competed against other actors to get their spots on stage.

John Pendergast (background) rehearsing a scene with Roman Moretti and Jeffrey Sun.

Each actor that auditioned for these five spots were all talented, skilled, and professional actors — all best in their craft; and, the ones you see performing during showtime are the best of the best — the ones that rose above all the others — it was a competitive audition process.

So, come check out the results of the hard work all the cast and crew put toward making David Henry Hwang’s Yellow Face a big success in the San Francisco Bay Area.

You can get your tickets here: Firescape Theatre.

Enjoy the show!

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