Alfonso Faustino: Sanctuary States

I keep residences in Manhattan, NY, Beverly Hills, CA, and San Francisco, CA.

The mayors and governors of these cities and states declared them as a sanctuary area for illegal residents.

Since when do we encourage malfeasance and scofflaws?

I am sympathetic to productive law-abiding illegal residents because I know several; and, they are just like other legal residents — we all want to pursue our dreams, have jobs to send our children to school, provide food, clothes, and shelter for ourselves and families.

Unfortunately, these productive law-abiding illegal residents broke the law; and, I am not sympathetic to them on this issue; because, we, as law-abiding legal residents, are not above the law — we follow the laws; and, if we break them and get caught, we get charged, adjudicated, and fined and or sent to prison.

I also don’t have sympathy for illegal residents breaking the law; because, I have many friends and acquaintances who have waited many years by going through the legal system to obtain legal residences and become legal citizens of the United States of America.  My friends and acquaintances had to pay attorneys, pay processing fees, take unsurmountable amount of time waiting in government agency lines, go through interviews, and go through red-tape paperwork to earn their legal right as American residents and citizens.

So, when a person bypasses the legal channels and decides to take illegal residence in the United States, I object.

The law is the law — all of us agreed to following the law in order to keep us safe and to provide us with a remedy should we become a victim of a crime. I support the existing immigration laws until someone can change the law for a better one.  I don’t believe in breaking the laws in order to do what I think might be right — I am not a scofflaw.


Governor Jerry Brown of California is breaking the law by aiding and abetting illegal residents by making California a sanctuary state for illegal residents.  He is also interfering with our right to receive federal funding as a result of his sanctuary policy.  Tax-payers paid into the federal funding in order to make improvements to California; and, because, of Governor Brown’s sanctuary policy, President Trump is going to cut off federal funding to California.  So, I , as a law-abiding resident of California will be penalized for the malfeasant activities of Governor Jerry Brown’s sanctuary initiatives.

Governor Brown and others like him are scofflaws in this immigration issue.

Since when do we support and exonerate scofflaws, like Governor Brown, in America?

Who dictates when a law will be broken and when a law will be enforced?

You are sleeping and abruptly woken up by a burglar.  He beats you up, takes your personal property, such as, your grandmother’s diamond ring that she gave you or a Rolex watch your father handed down to you from his father, you expect the criminal to be caught and punished — yes?

What if law enforcement or the district attorney tell you, “well, we are not going to enforce the law; because, the burglar is a well-known celebrity who won an Oscar; and, we decided to let celebrities vent out because they are stressed about President Trump beating Hillary Clinton; hence, to show our support for these poor depressed celebrities, we created a sanctuary city for them, whereby they get to do whatever they wanna do.  So, unfortunately, you just have to deal with your loss.”  How would you feel?  What would you do?

Creating a sanctuary for illegal residents is the same as aiding a abetting a criminal.  If I aid and abet a friend that killed and raped someone, I can go to prison. If my friend ended up killing another person while I aided and abetted my friend, I am also responsible for the death of the person my friend killed.

So, while my intentions of helping my criminal-friend were to protect him from getting arrested because he was my friend, I’d be breaking the law; and, now, I am a culprit, and I created a causal connection of all the illegal stuff he does while in my zone of aiding and abetting him.

I will hold the same standard of care imposed on me, as a law abiding citizen, to that of governors like Jerry Brown.  He is aiding and abetting illegal residents in California; and, if I become a victim of a crime by an illegal resident, then I will name Governor Jerry Brown in my cause of action against the criminal.

A legal evidentiary principle exists called, fruit of the poisonous tree.  In summation, this principle states if you get evidence in a wrongful illegal manner, it cannot be introduced in court against the defendant.

So, let’s say the defendant killed a man with a knife; and, the victim’s blood is on the knife and clothing of the killer. The police breaks into the killer’s property and gets the knife, clothes, and arrests the killer. The DNA test shows, unequivocally, the man the police arrested is the killer; and, if the police let the killer go, he will kill again.

Fruit of the poisonous tree protects the killer in this case; and, even creates liability for the police, city, and state for an unlawful breaking and entering, trespass, theft, and search and seizure. In other words two wrongs don’t make a right. The killer has legal rights, and the police and district attorney must respect those rights of the killer; and, they must bring charges, adjudicate, and prosecute the killer in a legal manner.

Jose Vargas, an illegal resident of America, is a productive illegal resident.  He has a job, and he has been contributing to America.  He has been in the news; because, he is exemplifying his accomplishments in America as an illegal resident, but he still broke the immigration laws.

So, even though Jose Vargas is a productive law-abiding illegal resident, his origins stem from fruit of the poisonous tree — he broke the law; and, his productive law-abiding life does not erase the fact that he broke the law.  He should be arrested, jailed, fined, and deported out of America.

If I attend a social event, and I illegally conceal and carry a firearm on my person, and I use my firearm to kill terrorists that invaded the social event, I would be charged with a felony crime in California: illegal possession of a firearm and possibly murder or manslaughter.  Even though I saved lives by using my firearm and killing the terrorists, I broke the law.  Once again, the principle of fruit of the poisonous tree shows that I illegally concealed and carried a firearm on my person, and my good deed in killing the terrorist and saving lives do not negate my illegal behaviour of illegally concealing and carrying a firearm on my person.

Governors and mayors need to be aware of the potential liability they are creating for themselves; because, if an illegal resident create a crime against me, then I might have the legal merit to sue the city and state for creating an unsafe living situation for me, as legal law abiding resident.

Unfortunately, it’s a tough situation for the good, hard-working, law abiding illegal residents; and, it’s also tough for the people I know that are going through the legal government agencies and processes to legally come to America; but, until a reasonable and legal option is created for law abiding productive illegal residents, I support President Trump in his initial immigration policies of deportation.

Of course, he hasn’t introduced his final immigration policies yet at the time of the BLOG; hence, the reason I assert I am in support of his initial immigration policies of deportation, which he mentioned in his campaign.